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Your Midseason Guide to Horror Television


Now that we are all fat from decadent holiday meals and have shiny new HD televisions, what better way to spend the new year than parked in front of the TV? Luckily, all our old favorites have wrapped up their holiday vacations and ready to light up our living rooms. We've even got a couple new shows to check in on. After the jump, we've got a look at the upcoming shows we are psyched for.

Thursday, January 5th

The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle waste no time kicking things off - after all, they both had nearly two months off. Both shows come back this Thursday. First, on TVD, Stefan has Klaus's family - and Klaus is pissed. Then, on TSC, we finally start to unearth the history of Cassie's magic, and there is some dark juju brewing in there.

Friday, January 6th

The Winchesters are back in The CW's Supernatural, and after "getting real" with Bobby's death (or near-death; we don't really know), I am ready for the comforting mix of scares and laughs. The first episode of the new year has Dean obsessing over how to kill Dick Roman, while Sam helps a girl find her missing father - also a hunter.

Wednesday, January 11th

I'm not really a fan of reality television, but Face Off was one of the few that I could really get behind: it rewards talent. As the new season of the special FX makeup competition program starts on Syfy Channel, it seems like the challenges won't be quite as horror-centric as they were the first season. Look forward to reimagined Wizard of Oz characters (I have no doubt that Dorothy will be reimagined as a biker chick), and bringing phobias to life.

Friday, January 13th

Fringe makes its long-awaited return to Fox. Peter decides that the only way back to "his" Olivia and "his" world is to go to the Other Side and speak with Walternate. Over on NBC, Grimm makes its not-so-long-awaited return (it's only been on hiatus for a few weeks) with Nick chasing down an escaped convict with surprising strength....

Monday, January 16th

Syfy Channel goes supernatural with their new Monday night block of programing. First up is the second season premiere of Being Human. Did Josh turn Nora into a werewolf? Will Sally and Aidan hook up? If this season follows the trajectory of the British series (which I am waiting impatiently for the fourth season of), the answer is yes. Following Being Human is the premiere of Lost Girl, which follows a succubus raised by human parents who discovers she is a Fae and sets out to discover the truth about her dark past.

Tuesday, February 7th

I have been dying for the premiere of The River, from Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli. This dark, supernatural adventure series sends a family deep into the Amazon in search of their missing patriarch Emmet Cole, a famous explorer who disappeared six months ago without a trace - until his beacon suddenly switches on. Believing her husband is alive, Mrs. Cole organizes a search party to bring him home - and naturally they are in for more than they anticipated. 

Sunday, February 12th

The Walking Dead is back on AMC and more decayed than ever. After the disturbing discovery of an undead Sophia, Hershel wants our survivors off his land, and Rick and Shane get into it when Shane decides that Hershel was screwing with them this whole time.