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You're Invited to Tonight's 'The Devil Inside' Premiere

If you're so eager to see Paramount's new exorcism thriller The Devil Inside that you're ready to let a demon possess you, wait just a second! After all, there's no need to go to extremes. Not when we're inviting you to see the film tonight at its official Los Angeles premiere. That's right, your old pals at FEARnet are hosting this evening's screening at the Regal Cinema at LA Live at 7:30 PM. Details and an official invite after the jump.

Yours truly will be introducing The Devil Inside tonight, and there will be an appearance by the filmmakers, a live DJ, plenty of food trucks, giveaways, and even a blessing by a priest before the movie begins. (Because both Hollywood and religion are all about showmanship.) Just email And may God have mercy on your soul.