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Zom-Com 'The Revenant' Arrives in Theaters in August


What happens when a soldier and a slacker become zombies and use their undead abilities to become superheroes? That's the question posed by The Revenant, a zombie-comedy starring The Vampire Diaries' David Anders (pictured above) and Chris Wylde. The film is set to hit theaters in early August. More after the jump.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Lightning Entertainment and Paladin are teaming to release horror-comedy The Revenant both in theaters and on ultra VOD in August. Paladin will initially open the film -- starring David Anders and Chris Wylde -- in 10 markets. The same day, it will also be availalbe on VOD via Lightning's distribution arm Lightning Media.

"Visual effects expert D. Kerry Prior wrote and directed Revenant, about a soldier and his slacker best friend who become zombies, and then use their newfound powers to become vigilante crime fighters with hilariously mixed results when their adventures become more complicated and bloody than expected.

"The movie has earned stellar reviews and won numerous awards on the festival circuit, including best director and the audience award at Austin, Texas' Fantastic Fest and Zompire.

"'Kerry's film is an extremely clever and stylish take on zombie folklore, and the praise he garners from our theatrical release will almost certainly excite the genre's fans and position him as a director to watch. I look forward to collaborating with Lightning Entertainment on this project, and expect it will be the first of several we do together,' said Paladin president Mark Urman, who announced the deal with Lightning president Robert Beaumont.

"The deal with Paladin was negotiated by Lightning Entertainment's Joseph Dickstein and Audrey Delaney and Urman.

"The DVD will be released through Lionsgate under Lightning Media's on-going partnership with the company."