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Zombie High Heels


Talk about kick-ass shoes.  These towering platform high heels from Iron Fist feature a gruesome, slobbering zombie visage printed on it.  It's not all blood n' brains though – a bow at the heel sweetens things up.  There is a peep-toe, though, so watch out for fresh zombies taking a nibble.  The sole of the shoe hides a spooky surprise – braaaaaains.  No, wait, a zombie eyeball.  These shoes are 100% vegan, so even if you don't mind harming zombies, you don't have to worry about harming a cow.  Iron Fist also offers a wide variety of other ghastly shoes, including skulls, werewolves, and shoes covered with blinding amounts of sequins.

$40.00 on

Uh oh - looks like they're out of stock. For something similar, check out these Day of the Dead-themed Muerte Punk pumps, also from Iron Fist:

$32.99 at Amazon