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Zombie Pizza Prank Feeds Unexpected Topping to Scared Pedestrians


Zombie Pizza Prank

Halloween may be over, but that doesn't mean the tricks and tricks it brings along with it have to come to an end until next October.  After all, it's Halloween every day here on FEARnet, so you can rest assured that the spirit of Halloween isn't going anywhere!

We've shown you some pretty hilarious scare pranks over the course of this last month - which we compiled into one nice, neat post for you yesterday - and today we've got one of my personal favorites to come out of this Halloween season.  Posing as workers at a pizza joint, the comedians over on YouTube Channel PrankvsPrank took to the streets of Philly for this one, offering up free slices of pizza to passersby.  Proving that most things that sound too good to be true are in fact untrue, they replaced the pizza inside the alluring boxes with a girl made up to look like a zombie - unsuspecting pedestrians becoming the hot meal, rather than being treated to a hot meal.

How would somebody react to finding a zombie in a pizza box?  Find out by watching the hilarious prank below!

... hey, at least they got Totino's pizza rolls in exchange for their terror!