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'Zombieland 2 ' Writers Talk 3D and Love for Tallahassee


This is the kind of news I love waking up to. Zombieland 2 writers Rhett Rheese and Paul Wernick told about their plans for the sequel to their horror-comedy gem. Find out what they've got in store for our heroes in a video interview after the jump. 

Rheese and Wernick confirmed that Zombieland 2 will be in 3D, and that, unlike many a writer scripting for the medium these days, they're writing it specifically for 3D -- which means we should see plenty of eye-popping, gore-iffic, and (literally) mind-blowing visual effects to match the sly comedy of the first one. The writers also confirmed they'd like to create a love interest for Woody Harrelson's hilarious bad-ass Tallahassee. Here's hoping they find a Molotov Cocktease to match their Brock Samson. Check out a video interview with the writers below.