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Is a 'Zombieland' TV Show a Good or Bad Thing?


In what could be perceived as a bit of poetic justice, Zombieland, the beloved zombie comedy film that was originally conceived to be a television show (remember that "Zombie Kill of the Week"? Yeah, that really was supposed to be weekly) could soon be re-animated as a series of Fox. More after the jump. reports that "a half-hour TV version of Zombieland is in the works with original writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick onboard. Specifically, we hear talks are well under way with Fox Broadcasting and Columbia's sister unit, Sony Pictures Television, to put the zom-com into development for the 2012-13 season."

This is no doubt a response to the phenomenal success of AMC's own weekly zombie series, The Walking Dead, which was this past Sunday night's top scripted drama on any TV channel. If a Zombieland TV show happens, however, it will apparently kill any plans for a Zombieland film sequel.

There's some pros and cons to this... Zombieland is one of the very best zombie films of the last twenty years, and only Shaun of the Dead comes close to being as good a zombie comedy. It really is a mini-masterpiece, with a perfect cast, a tight script and lean, no-nonsense directing. A sequel with the same creative team (discussed for several years now as a candidate for 3D) seems like a can't-miss.

But in Hollywood, nothing spoils things like success. Jesse Eisneberg and Emma Stone are much bigger stars now, thanks to The Social Network and Easy A, so their salaries are sure to be a big factor in a Zombieland sequel. Director Ruben Fleisher proved with 30 Minutes or Less (also starring Eisenberg) that not everything he touches turns to gold. And Sony, the studio behind Zombieland, is sure to want a bigger, flashier product, invest more money, and take a keener interest in the outcome. This sort of thing has ruined genre comedy sequels before -- look at Ghostbusters 2 and Men in Black 2 (both of which were also Sony productions). In hindsight, the strongest part of Zombieland is its script, and writers Reese and Wernick would be on board for the TV show.

So maybe a series is the way to go. But one thing's for certain -- the fact that we live in a world where two zombie TV shows are even a possibility is pretty fantastic. We've long known the patients have taken over the asylum. Now we know the undead have as well.