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'Zombieland: The Web TV Series'?


zombielandSince about a week after its 2009 debut, rumors have been full tilt that Zombieland was going to get a sequel and/or a TV series. Nearly four years later, and that's all it has been: rumors. Well, rumors and a lot of development talk that ultimately went nowhere.

Last week, we came across a casting call for a potential Zombieland TV series. New details are emerging about what form that new series might take - and right now, it looks like it is going to be on an even smaller screen. Amazon (yes, the place where your older siblings still buy things like DVDs and books) is in talks with Sony to buy Zombieland as a direct-to-series project. If it goes through, this would mark the first original series from Amazon Studios. The mega e-tailer has been looking to get into original programming in the way that Netflix is bringing back Arrested Development and the Eli Roth thriller Hemlock Grove.

Deadline is reporting that writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and producer Gavin Polone were all on board to return for the Amazon series. Eli Craig (Tucker & Dale vs. Evil) is in talks to direct.