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News Article

Zombies!!! Coming to Consoles So You Can Avoid the Creepy Hobby Shop Crowd


Twilight Creations Inc. has announced that their wildly popular tabletop board game Zombies!!! is making the leap from analog to digital, to infect Xbox Live, PSN, and PC in 2009.

Zombies!!! (I can feel my Shift and 1 keys wearing out), for those unfamiliar, is a tile-based strategy game where your character needs to escape a zombie-infested town, while your opponents try to do the same.  It currently has 6(!) expansions to its core set, including Humans!!!, Mall Walkers, and Send in the Clowns, which will more than likely be retooled as DLC for the digital version.

For more info check out Twilight Creations Inc.