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Zombies Overrun Winds Of Plague's New Video

LA-based hardcore metal unit Winds Of Plague have summoned up witches, demons and tattooed zombie hordes for their latest blood-drenched music video "Refined in the Fire," which you can watch below the jump. Taken from the first single off the band's new studio album Against the World (which dropped this April), the video ramps up the horror elements that the band first explored with their surreal, serial killer-themed clip for "Drop the Match." Check out the clip on the flip!

The "Refined" video, which originally debuted on Bloody-Digusting as a Halloween gift from the band, is a mashup of videogame shoot-em-up action, Evil Dead-style zombie violence and apocalyptic imagery, all set to a soundtrack of furious hardcore/death metal. Vocalist Johnny Plague stars in the clip himself, playing a nomadic desert mercenary who confronts a creepy sorceress in a remote cabin and finds himself surrounded by the undead.

Speaking of zombies, here's a weird bit of trivia: Winds Of Plague has also recorded a metal cover of the Cranberries '90s alt-pop hit "Zombie," which appears as a b-side to the iTunes edition of their single "California." But if it's certified walking dead you're looking for (and hey, who isn't?), there's plenty on hand in this clip. Check it out below!