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Zombify Your Xmas - Scary Gingerbread


Whether it is gingerbread cookies or houses, gingerbread is the cookie of choice for the Christmas season. 

If you aren't creatively-inclined, use these pre-made gingerdead cookie cutters.

butchered gingerbread cookies

Butchered cookies

gingerbread zombies

Zombie cookies

gingerbread zombie weapons

Weapons to protect you from the gingerbread zombie invasion

And your devilish gingerbread men will need an equally spooky house to live in. You know, until you eat them. (I tried to pick out ones that didn't look too Halloween-y.)

gingerbread haunted mansion

Gingerbread haunted mansion

Chocolate haunted gingerbread house

amityville gingerbread house

Gingerbread Amityville house

zombie gingerbread house

Zombie gingerbread house

gingerbread house decor

And for year-round fun, try this non-edible version

$112.50 at Byers Choice