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Zombify Your Xmas - Wreaths


Surprisingly, my search for zombified Christmas wreaths turned up more than almost any category - even tree ornaments. Many of them are DIY, so consider some of these as fun holiday craft projects.

Monster Fur Christmas Wreath

DIY: Monster Fur & Eyeball Wreath

tatters and skulls wreath

DIY: Tatters and Skulls "Halloween" Wreath

spider christmas wreath

DIY: Spider Wreath

For the less crafty among us...

mesh halloween wreath

Black and orange mesh wreath

$65 at Etsy

zombie body parts christmas wreath

Bloody body parts wreath

On sale! $32 at Etsy

cthulhu wreath

Cthulhu wreath! (is there anything Cthulhu can't do?)

$32.99 at Amazon

orange skull halloween wreath

Orange skull wreath

$18 at Etsy