'All Dogs Go to Heaven' - 'Supernatural' Episode 6.8


Supernatural Episode 6.8
"All Dogs Go to Heaven"
Written By: Adam Glass
Directed By: Phil Sgriccia
Original Airdate: 12 November 2010

In This Episode...

Two animal attacks in two days cannot be coincidence in Supernatural.  Thinking a werewolf is on the loose, Sam and Dean stake out the only connection they can find between the two victims: Cal Garrigan.  His estranged brother and sleazy landlord were the two dead.  The boys stake out Cal as he goes bar hopping and stays out until dawn.  Not 10 minutes after Sam and Dean give up their stakeout, Cal falls prey to the same animal who has been tearing up the town.  But it isn't a werewolf - it is his girlfriend's German shepherd, Lucky.  And Lucky isn't really a dog; he is a skinwalker.

When Cal shows up dead, the boys turn to the next logical suspect, his girlfriend Mandy.  Mandy is alibied by her sick son, who kept her up all night.  Sam doesn't believe her, and stakes her out all night while Dean heads back to the motel for research and sleep.  During his stakeout, Sam sees Lucky shift from dog to human, and watches him meet someone in the park across the street.  Lucky sniffs Sam out, and two give chase.  Lucky shifts back into dog form and gets picked up by a family in a minivan.

The next morning, the boys bail Lucky out of doggie jail, offering him the easy way (a simple leash) or the hard way (a silver spiked choke chain).  He chooses the easy way, and the boys get him back to the motel, tied up - in human form - with silver rope.  Dean gets Lucky to talk by sympathizing with him.  Lucky was once a homeless guy without family.  He was recruited by the pack leader.  The plan was that the pack of 30 embed themselves as family dogs and wait for the signal, then turn the families into skinwalkers, going from a pack of 30 to a pack of 150 overnight.  But Lucky couldn't do it.  He grew to love his family, and was killing to protect him.  They use Lucky to lead them to the rest of the pack.  Sam wants to force the pack leader to lead him to the Alpha so that he can trade the Alpha for his soul.  Dean wants to kill the whole pack to prevent them from turning their "families."

Sam and Dean bust into the garage where the pack is meeting.  They have taken Mandy and her son hostage and want Lucky to turn them - or kill them.  The Winchesters shoot up the pack while Lucky hides his family in an office.  Lucky takes a bullet while protecting them, but Dean takes out the pack leader before he can finish off Lucky.  Lucky escapes before Sam can finish the job.

In human form, Lucky returns to Mandy in hopes of finding the same love she had for him as a dog.  She doesn't, and he hits the streets as a stray.  Sam opens up to Dean.  He admits that he has done some really bad things, like kill innocents in the line of duty, and it didn't bother him.  While he enjoys being an efficient hunter who doesn't let emotions get in the way, ultimately, he misses the old Sam - or at least, the idea of him, and promises Dean that he wants to be the old Sam.

Dig It or Bury It?

I did not like this episode.  And it is for one giant, wussy reason: I cannot stand the thought of dogs being mistreated.  I am not particularly sentimental:  I enjoy my horror films violent and gruesome.  I hate romance.  I have no interest babies.  But when it comes to dogs, I become Crazy Dog Lady.  Yes, I know it was all fake.  Yes, I know the dogs weren't even really dogs.  But seeing dogs get shot, hit by cars, and abandoned just causes a stomach-churning visceral reaction that puts me at the edge of tears and makes me hold my mutts tight.

Blood Brothers

The victims this week were killed off-screen - dogs can only be trained to a point.  However, each kill did have a beautiful splash of red, especially the first kill.  The first victim was killed in his car, and it was like a tidal wave of blood flowing down the car window.

Sibling Rivalry

Dean flat-out tells Sam that he doesn't trust him.  He also finds it creepy that Sam literally does not sleep.  About the closest Sam can get to emotion is to admit that, though he pretends to care about Ben and Lisa, he really doesn't - he doesn't even care about Dean.  But he still wants to go back to the old Sam, and Dean begrudgingly admits it is a step.  No matter what hell Sam has put his brother through, he is still his brother.

Spooky Humor

There were a handful of catchy phrases and glib remarks.  Dean called Crowley a "dickbag," which was a new one to me.  He also doesn't like that Crowley is "so far up our asses that we are coughing sulfur."  My favorite, though, is when Sam is interrogating Lucky.  Lucky isn't having any of it, and tells Sam to go to hell.  "I've already been," he responds nonchalantly.  "It didn't agree with me."


We have a wacky episode next week as the boys investigate... fairies.  Yup, fairies.  Little, twinkly fairies.