'Amber 31422' - 'Fringe' Episode 3.5

Fringe Episode 3.5
"Amber 31422"
Written By: Josh Singer
Directed By: David Straiton
Original Airdate: 4 November 2010

In This Episode...

We are in the "red universe" this week.

Two guys break into a huge quarantine area and start cutting through the enormous sheets of amber.  Their goal?  A third guy, frozen in the amber.  They cut him out and manage to revive him, but The Fog creeps in and traps one of the guys, slowly sealing him in amber.  The remaining guy throws resin man - his twin brother - over his shoulder and vacates. Apparently the resin people aren't actually dead, but in a state of suspended animation.  Dozens more are stuck there, but it is too dangerous to cut them out.

The Fringe team, using a chunk of amber that had formed a perfect mold of resin man's face, ID their missing neo-caveman as Joshua Rose, a bank robber who created a "negative matter ring," which could de-stabilize atoms enough so that he could walk through solid steel or concrete.  Of course, this atom reorganization also caused the sinkholes that let loose the killer clouds of gaseous amber.  In actuality, it was not Joshua Rose who was pulled from the resin, but Matthew Rose - the "good twin."  When Joshua went on that last, fateful heist, Matthew went to stop him, and it was Matthew who got ambered.  Joshua decided to go straight and take over his brother's life, but he vowed to make things right for his brother - hence the brother extraction.  Rather than turn himself in - and risk punishment for Matthew - Joshua pulls one final heist, sealing himself in amber.

Meanwhile, Walter has started running experiments on Olivia to see if she can move between universes like the other Olivia.  She does it once - briefly but successfully.  Peter is still the voice in her head, and he won't be drowned out no matter how many pink pills she pops.  He doesn't understand why she refuses to believe what he has been telling her - that she is the "wrong" Olivia.  He gives her a few pointers about the "right" universe and suggest she tries again.  Liv goes back for another universe jump.  This time she looks around.  Notices the World Trade Center is gone.  Calls her sister and discovers she is alive, and she has a niece.  Walter yanks her back to the red universe all too quickly, and when she arrives, she says it didn't work, that she saw nothing.

Dig It or Bury It?

I definitely think that this was the best "over there" episode they have had so far.  They had an actual case, rather than still setting up who these doppelgangers are.  Frankly, I find the alternate versions of Walter, Broyles, and Astrid to be stiff, formal, and just not engaging.

Somber Walternate

"Only those who risk going too far find out how far they can go."

In This Universe....

Manhattan is spelled with only one "T," and Nixon has a turnpike named after him.  


Walking through walls?  Not without a sledgehammer.


Back in our universe, radio signals are wiping out people's memories... and the signals may be millions of years old.