'And Then There Were None' - 'Supernatural' Episode 6.16


Supernatural Episode 6.16
"And Then There Were None"
Written By: Bret Matthews
Directed By: Mike Rohl
Original Airdate: 4 March 2010

In This Episode...

Bobby, Dean and Sam investigate a cannery trucker who blacked out and went crazy, bludgeoning his entire family with a hammer. Less than 24 hours later, a man at the same cannery goes nuts and opens fire on his coworkers. He takes out six before the cops riddle him with bullets. At the cannery, Bobby runs into Rufus. Things are tense between them, but an uneasy truce is drawn so they can figure out what is going on.

The quartet snoops around the cannery, and are taken by surprise when they run into Gwen. And where there is Gwen, there is Samuel. Dean is still furious with him, so Sam takes him outside so he doesn't kill the man. Another uneasy truce is put in place. Samuel knows this to be the handiwork of the Mother of All - who is going by Eve. Emerging from purgatory, Eve is the creator of all monsters on the earth. Gwen goes outside to check on Dean, and the team comes running when they hear a gunshot - Dean killed Gwen with a shot to the chest. A manhunt is on for Dean, and when they find him, he insists that he is himself. A foot-long black parasite crawled out of his ear and scurried away. The worm can implant itself into anyone's head and possess them, which leads to a lot of mistrust. By the episode's end, Samuel is dead, Rufus is dead, and Bobby is near-dead from electrocution (the boys duct taped his mouth and ears to fry the worm inside).

Dig It or Bury It?

Despite a respectable body count, this episode felt very lackluster. The story was weak; a subplot stretched out into an entire episode. Perhaps with a more slapstick-y attitude, it would have been more interesting. There wasn't much by way of action, either. Just a lot of "Are you who you say you are?" "I am, are you?"

Spooky Humor

Rufus: "Bobby, I don't suppose you have a cranial saw in your truck, do you?" Bobby: "Of course I do."

Blood Brothers

Lots of death, nothing particularly gory or exceptional. Besides the two cannery workers who killed a bunch of people, Dean shot Gwen in the chest; Sam shot Samuel in the head; when it turned out that Samuel wasn't actually dead, Bobby electrocutes him; and Bobby stabs Rufus. Oh, and the wormy monster is electrocuted once and for all.


The Winchester boys are taking a much-deserved hiatus, but when they return, they will be in the wild, wild west.