App Review: 'Batman: Arkham City Official Map App'


With the successful implementation of the Dead Island Map App on iOS devices by BradyGames, it was only a matter of time before other games would get the same treatment, allowing players to use a (mostly) spoiler-free map to track all of the various collectibles and trinkets scattered across the game world, in this case the smoldering skyline of Batman: Arkham City.  The concept worked remarkably well for Dead Island…does it work for Arkham City?  Find out after the break.

The Batman: Arkham City Official Map App allows players to track all of the various Riddler trophies and challenges scattered across the gameworld, offering a series of identifiable icons to notate where these collectibles are.  Clicking on each of these icons will pull up a separate screen with a screenshot of exactly where you need to look for reference as well as a text description that tells you what steps to take to score the item.  Once you've nabbed it, you can tap a button in the lower-left of the screen that will identify that you have collected this item.

It works just as elegantly as the Dead Island Map App, although the same issue that I had with its predecessor has been amplified by the nature of Arkham City as a game.  The Riddler challenges and trophies are remarkably dense in Arkham City—there are over 400 of them to discover in all—so sometimes the clickable map in the app becomes a struggle, especially with multiple items sitting almost on top of each other.  While this may not be as much of a problem on the relatively roomy iPad, my iPhone became a handheld exercise in frustration trying to pick out a particular trophy or challenge on the tiny map.  Still, for its discount price and spoiler-free functionality, it makes a welcome addition to your utility belt.

The Batman: Arkham City Official Map App is available for $2.99 from the iTunes App Store.