Are You Ready For 'Dexter'?

After last season, Dexter is going to have a lot to live up to.  With John Lithgow’s Emmy Award-winning turn as prolific serial killer/family man Arthur Mitchell and the devastating murder of Rita, one can only hope for season five to live up to its predecessor.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the first three episodes of the new season.  In the wake of season four, and the path of destruction it left, you have to imagine that the beginning of this season would feature a lot of clean-up.  Without giving too much away, the season starts with a whimper as the characters come to terms with the death of Rita.  Reactions are pretty much what you would expect: shock, anger, fear.  Normally I am not comfortable with television (or anything, for that matter) that makes me explore true emotions.  But I feel so invested in the Dexter characters that I just rolled with it.

Trinity may be dead, but there are a lot of loose ends dangling.  For one, the FBI still thinks Trinity is missing.  Quinn is starting to get suspicious when the three different descriptions the surviving Mitchell family members gave add up to look eerily similar to Dexter.  I worry about going down this road, as we went there in season two with Doakes and frankly, I wasn’t a fan.  For Batista and Laguerta, the honeymoon is over less than 12 hours into their hasty marriage.  With very little blood in their relationship, I find this storyline far less interesting, but I trust the Dexter team. 

Forced into the role of single dad, Dexter’s priorities change.  He is having trouble “getting it up” where it counts (in this case, the killing department).  Harry is still there to guide him, and Deb is solidly by her big brother’s side.  For those who were wondering, this season’s big guest star (Julia Stiles, for those who missed the memo) begins her 10-episode stint with episode three, and not in an obvious role.

This third episode is where things pick up, and the Dexter universe starts to return to normal.  Deb has some great curses; Matsuda has some hilariously disturbing lewd jokes; and the healing process can begin.  I am eager to see where season five will lead us.