'Bad to the Bone' - 'Face Off' Episode 1.4


Face Off Episode 1.4
"Bad to the Bone"
Original Airdate: 16 February 2011

In This Episode...

It is the episode we have all been waiting for: create your own horror movie villain. In addition to creating the makeup and backstory for their characters, each contestant would work with a production designer to create a movie poster with tagline. Guest judge this week is Sean Cunningham, of Friday the 13th fame.

The Creations

Sam: As a kid, Sam was afraid of porcelain dolls. She created wide-eyed monstrous little girl with a removable cracked porcelain mask. This was one of my favorite creations this week. Sam's movie was called Baby Doll with the tagline "Daddy's little secret has come back to play."

Jo: Jo created a nun who was in a horrible accident, came out of surgery scarred, and now apparently wants revenge. Titled Confession, the tagline is "Confession won't always save you."

Marcel: Inspired by 1970s and 1980s slasher films, Marcel created a guy with burn makeup that haunts a roller rink. The makeup was dull - it kind of looked like a pile of wax, melted and swirled just a bit.

Tate: Tate's villain has a ginormous head - so big that his weak body cannot support it and his creature is forced to walk with heavy arm braces. The villain, simply called Him, can control people with his monstrous mind. "Your mind... his playground." The creature is scary and bizarre - very creative.

Tom: Teddy Told Me To stars an overgrown child who has a teddy bear face permanently attached to his own face, like a mask. He carries around an oversized yo-yo which can both bludgeon and strangle.

Gage: Gage's creation is a man who runs a lighthouse. He falls asleep behind the light and it disfigures him severely, so naturally he becomes a killer. I found the makeup to be okay, but his storyline was just dull. The judges liked his craftsmanship.

Anthony: His goal this week is just to play it safe and make it on to the next round. So he rehashed a character he created 10 years ago, an unimaginative blend of Mr. Hyde, Jack the Ripper, and the Droogs from A Clockwork Orange.

Conor: Though his voodoo theme had a boring title (Voodoo Dawn), Conor's creation was fun: a horned demon creature with an inverted pentacle etched into his chest.

Megan: Chester's Photography is a hideously clunky title. Chester himself is a nerdy guy with a giant deformed chin and hillbilly teeth.


Sam, Conor, and Jo are safe. Tate and Gage are top of the heap, with Tom declared the winner. Anthony, Megan, and Marcel are the bottom three. Tom votes for Megan to go, but the judges worry that he is biased because their last challenge together didn't go well. Ultimately, Marcel is sent home.

Dig It or Bury It?

Hooray for horror villains! There was definitely some creative, gruesome creatures. My favorites were the teddy bear creep, the giant-headed freak, and the deadly dolly. One thing that I found interesting was that story, title, tagline, and art were all very important with this challenge, but the posters scarcely got screen time, and many taglines and titles were never revealed.


Jo really, really hates Megan. The weird thing is that the producers kind of crapped out on the whole drama part. It was mentioned last week that Jo hates Megan, presumably because Megan flirts with Conor. There were a few blurbs with Jo ranting about how she wants to base her villain on Megan, but the drama part kind of fizzled out.


Next week's challenge is a gender bender. The contestants are asked to turn men into brides and women into grooms. Hang in there folks - zombies are around the corner.