Bagged and Boarded Comic Reviews: Jonah Hex, Killogy, and More!


New comic book Wednesday has come and gone. The dust at your local comic shop has settled. An eerie silence descends as you finish reading your last superhero book of the week. Now it's time for something a little more sinister. Welcome to Bagged and Boarded: comic reviews of the sick, spooky, twisted and terrifying!

Jonah Hex No. 13
Everyone's favorite messy-faced cowboy is on the case in 1800's Gotham. Apparently a serum created by Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde is turning people crazy, and Hex is out to put a stop to it. While investigating, he and his comrades find a murdered priest with blood painted on his face matching a clown's makeup. The heroes head to the circus in town and all hell breaks loose. Killer clowns, tigers and chaos all come spilling out of the big top.

Bag it or board it up?
'All Star Western Featuring: Jonah Hex' (yes, that's the full title) has a lot going for it.The art in this comic is great. It's quick, rough, and colorful. The action is fast-paced and bloody. And what could be better than psychotic clowns? Answer: Nothing.

Alan Robert's Killogy No. 1
A shaggy punk, a mafioso hit man , and a hysterical woman are all locked in a jail cell during a zombie apocalypse. Sounds like the set-up to an awesome joke, right? Wrong! It's how 'Alan Robert's Killogy' begins. There's not much more to know, except that we go into exploring how the hit man came to know about these zombies before anyone else.

Bag it or board it up?
It's so hard to figure out exactly what's going on behind the scenes in this comic. The story is simple enough. Three very different people vs. the undead. But Alan Robert is basing his three characters on the likeness of living actors/musicians. And said inspirations all have bios at the end of the comic. It's a strange approach. That being said, it's a good, long read (clocks in at 24 pages of comic - awesome) with vibrant artwork.

Artifacts No. 22
I'm just going to quote the comic to explain it here: "The gathering of thirteen mystical artifacts destroyed the world… and created another in its image." So, in this mirror world, a defrocked priest with one of these thirteen artifacts is the only one to know that the world is not the original world. He works for the F.B.I. investigating supernatural crimes, and has to head to D.C. when a dude has his heart ripped out in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Follow me?

Bag it or board it up?
For as cloudy as the plot may seem, it's actually explained well in the comic and presented nicely. The artwork here is unique. It looks a lot like screenshots of a video game, which can be distracting, but adds to the overall tone of the piece. I'm interested in where this comic started and where it's headed.

Ghost No. 1
A couple of losers with a ghost-hunter TV show accidentally use a black market device to call forth a woman in white. After saving their lives, the woman wants to stick around to find out who or what she is. The Ghost of 'Ghost' has no idea where to begin, but she can easily rip a guy's heart out of his chest and is prone to fits that leave her feeling like every cell in her ghostly body is screaming. She and her two "pals" (term used very loosely) have to figure out the "who, where, how, why and what" of her.

Bag it or board it up?
My pick of the week! I reviewed the Issue 0 of Ghost a few weeks back. I've got to say, this is one of the comics I'm most excited about these days. The artwork is doing exactly what it should for the story. Ghost has awesome powers and a flaring temper. The plot is thickening with a shocking last page. All is good in the world of Ghost.