'Beauty and the Beast' - 'Dexter' Episode 5.4


Dexter Episode 5.4
“Beauty and the Beast”
Written By: Robert Lloyd Lewis
Directed By: Milan Cheylov
Original Airdate: 17 October 2010

In This Episode...

Dexter is at a loss with what to do with his new captive.  He is afraid if he lets her go, she will turn him in  to the cops.  But he can’t kill her - she is an innocent.  A little recon reveals her name: Lumen Pierce, and that she has been in Miami for about a month after a fight with her parents.  Lumen doesn’t trust Dexter, and tries to escape the abandoned visitor’s center every chance she gets.  Despite the fact that Dexter has done nothing to harm her, he is still keeping her locked up.  A fake suicide attempt throws Dexter off guard and allows Lumen to make a break for it.  Dex catches up with her, and uses some zip ties to cuff her and get her into the car.  He takes her out to Boyd’s dumping grounds, and opens one of a dozen canisters.  Showing Lumen the fate he saved her from finally yields some hesitant trust.  She reveals that Boyd wasn’t the only one who hurt her.

Thanks to Dexter’s sharp eye on the most recent beheading case, Deb finds a cigar butt that belonged to the killer.  They trace it back to a Carlos Fuentes, who lives with his brother, Marco.  A raid on their apartment yields a flophouse for dozens of illegal immigrants.  Deb corners one of the Fuentes brothers, who has a kid held hostage, machete to throat.  Fuentes slits the kid’s throat, and though Deb gets off two rounds before the kid collapses on her, Fuentes jumps out the window and is in the wind.  Deb feels guilty for nearly getting the kid killed, but everyone reassures her that she saved his life.

At Laguerta’s urging, Batista goes to the hospital to apologize to Lopez.  Lopez accepts the apology begrudgingly, but when the IA agent comes to talk to Laguerta, he says disciplinary action is still up to the department.  Apparently, the crack that Lopez made about Laguerta, the one that started the brawl - “you give the best blow jobs in Miami” - is now on the official record.

Quinn blows off the Fuentes raid in order to follow his FBI “buddy” to the Mitchell family’s safe house.  From there, he follows as they transport Jonah, then approaches him in a gas mart.  Recognition registers on Jonah’s face when shown the picture of Dexter, but he says nothing, and his protective detail swiftly cuff Quinn.  Laguerta puts him on unpaid suspension.  The only reason she doesn’t fire him is because there would be an official inquest and she found the whole idea of Dexter as a suspect too embarrassing.    Deb catches up with Quinn in the parking lot later and goes home with him.

Dig It or Bury It?

I liked it; my husband did not.  And I could see his point.  They are dangerously close to jumping the shark.  Dexter may in fact be straddling the shark.  I love the idea of Dexter as savior, but I am not sure why he didn’t play up that side.  It was a very “I know you saw what I did.”  It could have been “I know you saw me save you from that evil man.”  I fear now that the rest of the season is going to turn into the second half of I Spit on Your Grave (see Prophecies below). 

Additionally, I don’t see Jonah as being a threat.  Even if he does admit to knowing Dexter, what is he going to say?  “That’s the guy who protected me from an abusive father who ended up being a sociopathic murderer.”  Not the most damning words ever spoken.


When Dexter notices the ash from a cheap cigar, and tells the detectives to be on the lookout for a cigarette butt, Deb exclaims “Fuck me in both ears.”  Because to fuck her in only one ear would leave her unbalanced.

Out of the Mouth of Masuka

It’s pretty obvious to Masuka that Quinn is fucking Deb when he slyly teases Quinn about “getting down with the hottest potty mouth in the south.”

Flashback to the Future

Harry is all over this episode, mostly as the bad conscious on his shoulder.  He is just worried that Dexter is straying too far from the code.  To Dexter, rule number one is don’t kill innocents.  To Harry, it is don’t get caught.


Lumen is ready for revenge against the other men who abused her.  It looks like she is going to blackmail Dexter: help me kill them or I turn you in.  Hence the I Spit on Your Grave reference I alluded to above.  Dex, get off that shark!