Bikini Bloodbath (2006)


A bunch of sexy young bimbos decide to get together for a sleep-over party, plus there are a few horny football players who plan to stop by and enjoy the festivities. Unfortunately, there's also a psychotic chef on the loose. That's pretty much the long and the short of the mega-low-budget Bikini Bloodbath, and as a horror movie ... it ain't so great. The good news is that Bikini Bloodbath is actually a horror-comedy that focuses (a lot) more on the giggles than on the gore. Best of all, and completely contrary to my early expectations, there actually ARE a solid bunch of chuckles to be found here.

Produced on the mega-cheap with more enthusiasm than anything else, Bikini Bloodbath is little more than yet another slasher comedy in which a few of the obvious genre conventions are mocked and tweaked, but mostly the flick exists as an opportunity for a bunch of sexy ladies to act silly for a while. Judging the final product by those meager standards, there's actually something worth seeing here. The sense of humor on display here ranges from broadly obvious to amusingly deadpan, and I'd be lying if I said the "no-name" cast of bikini babes weren't actually pretty amusing. Maybe Bikini Bloodbath just caught me in a good mood, but it wrestled eight or nine solid chuckles out of me, and for a flick like this, that's a lot. There's a tongue-in-cheek absurdity to the flick that, after a rough start, actually started to win me over.

Aside from the fact that the mad killer is actually a loony chef (which is kinda funny in itself), the horror side of Bikini Bloodbath is grade-C standard hack & slash. The gore effects are chintzy, but at least plentiful. Unfortunately, co-directors Jon Gorman and Tom Seymour lean a bit too heavily on their favorite gags. A subplot involving a bunch of "latently" homosexual football players is quite funny in fits and starts, but the movie spends way too much time with these goofballs, thereby lessening the effectiveness of the silly stuff -- and forcing the movie away from its real assets: The ladies.

Each of the lead gals get a few giggles on their own, despite the obvious fact that they're all a bit rough around the edges. (Acting-wise, not in the looks department!) The standout is probably Sheri Toczko as the hilariously over-abused Suzy (ooh, and the plucky Leah Ford), but it's nice to know that most of the birds will be reunited for Bikini Bloodbath 2: Bikini Bloodbath Car Wash. Yep, seriously.

Well, not that seriously.