'Bloodline' - 'Fringe' Episode 3.18


Fringe Episode 3.18


Written By: Monica Owusu-Breen & Alison Schapker

Directed By: Dennis Smith

Original Airdate: 25 March 2011

In the Red Universe...

Fauxlivia takes her mom, Marilyn, with her to the obstetrician.  Liv is getting tested for VPE, the disease that her sister died from in childbirth.  It is genetic, and if Liv has it, she must have her fetus aborted because the chances of mother or child surviving is practically nil.

At home, two men are there, waiting for Fauxlivia.  They taser her, drug her, and whisk her away to a makeshift medical room inside a warehouse.  She is kept heavily sedated while a masked doctor and nurse administer various drugs through gigantic needles.  It quickly becomes apparent that the doc is accelerating Liv's pregnancy: her stomach gets ripply and bulgy and looks like an alien is going to burst through.  In mere hours, she is "watch your shoes" pregnant.

Meanwhile, the Fringe team is desperately looking for Liv.  Her tracking device was removed, which could only be done by someone with knowledge of the tracking protocol.  Astrid identifies a vehicle that has been patrolling Liv's apartment.  Lincoln and Charlie track the vehicle and discover it is Henry, the taxi driver who helped our Olivia get back to our universe.  He has been concerned for Liv and keeping an eye on her.  Lincoln and Charlie have a hard time believing him, but he knows enough details that he has to be telling the truth.  Henry even has details to offer that the boys did not know about that lead them to discover the Olivias switched places.

Fauxlivia has not been taking her sedatives, so when the nurse is returning her to her restraints after a bathroom trip, Liv cold cocks her, knocks out the doc with the IV stand, then holds the nurse hostage at scalpel-point while she escapes.  Out on the street, Liv stumbles through Chinatown, desperately looking for help.  She finds a pay phone and calls Lincoln as she is going into labor.  Henry and Lincoln take off - he knows a shortcut.  Coming upon her, the men carry Liv into a Chinese curio shop to deliver.  Liv reads in Lincoln's eyes that her test came back positive, and she begs him to save the baby.  Lincoln admits he loves her and cries as she delivers.  The baby, a boy, is born healthy.  Liv gets very quiet - she's just tired, not dead.

At the hospital, the doctors explain that because of the accelerated pregnancy, the virus didn't have time to replicate, so she and the baby were fine.  Walternate shows up with flowers, and it is revealed (not to Fauxlivia, of course) that Walternate was the one who ordered the kidnapping.

Dig It or Bury It?

Other than a few Grey's Anatomy moments, this episode was a dig it.  It was fairly obvious that Walternate was behind the kidnapping.  The story was linear, not too scientific, and a surprisingly straightforward plot.  When Fauxlivia pops out the kid, it got super soapy.  Lincoln got all emotional, proclaimed his love, and cried like a little girl when the baby shot out.  I get it; you have to have those scenes, and most people (you know, people who don't have black voids where their heart should be and who aren't missing the evolutionary desire to procreate) think it is sweet and wonderful.   

Though a name is never given to the new baby, I would assume it will be named Peter.

Funny Bones

The best line of the evening came from my husband.  When the baby was born, he said "He's going to go through some awkward Dawson's Creek years, but he'll be alright."

In This Universe...

...The West Wing is entering its twelfth season.  For that reason alone, I want to visit the Red Universe.


When Fringe returns from its three-week hiatus, the team is desperate to get William Bell's consciousness out of Olivia.  The only solution, of course, is LSD!  Which leads us into the Fringe musical event.