Bloody-Disgusting Review - The Aggression Scale


The Aggression Scale can safely be described as Home Alone by way of Die Hard. A group of four hitmen are attempting to retrieve $500,000 of stolen cash for a criminal kingpin (Ray Wise of Twin Peaks fame). Of course, they eventually meet up with their worst nightmare in the form of a seriously disturbed teenager. This classic Juvie case ends up being a fierce combination of Kevin McCallister and John Rambo. With a premise loaded with grisly potential, The Aggression Scale surprisingly plays fairly straightforward. The violence is certainly gritty and the traps can get pretty nasty but I still got the feeling the filmmakers were holding back. This low-budgeter never went that extra level for me. It’s definitely worth a view if you were ever curious on what an R-rated Home Alone might look like....

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