Bloody Disgusting Review - Curse Of Chucky


One of the things that I loved about Ronny Yu’s 1998 Bride of Chucky was that it took the Child’s Play franchise in a completely new direction. After two sequels, creator Don Mancini wrote in Tiffany, the “bride” to the infamous slasher, Chucky, which turned the fourth film into a buddy comedy. Even through the gags, both Mancini and Yu kept a straight face, delivering one of the biggest shockers in horror history: a terrifying half doll-half human baby with razor sharp teeth. Mancini, who created the franchise, and penned all of the films, would take the reigns with the 2004 Seed of Chucky, which made a sharp turn that many weren’t expecting. While I judge each film on its own merits (I really liked Seed of Chucky), it wasn’t the movie that Bride of Chucky promised when it left us with our jaws on the theater floor. Curse of Chucky, written and directed once again by Mancini, returns to the Child’s Play roots, and finally delivers on that promise way back in 1998...

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