Bloody-Disgusting Review - Wrong Turn 2


Not too long ago, a direct to video release was a sign of mediocrity. Especially if it was a sequel to a theatrical film. This meant it was a lower budget, featured few or none of the original actors, and suffered from a sense of laziness. For example of all three, watch Darkman II. Or better yet, don’t. But in the past few years, that has changed. With opening weekend numbers being so important, studios are sending more of their films straight to DVD, rather than risk the extra cost of putting it in theaters and watching it get clobbered by the likes of Harry Potter or Jack Sparrow. And with a horror movie, it’s even MORE a lucrative proposal, as the MPAA won’t shred it to pieces in order to prevent the fans from seeing something so dreadful as blood splatter or maybe an intestine or two.

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