Blu-Ray Review: 'Dexter' - The Complete Series



There are two major reasons to buy the Dexter complete series box set.

The first is the packaging. It comes in a large blood slide box (the box is cardboard, not wood) with each disc set onto a “blood slide” (clear plastic DVD tray with a “blood” splotch on it). Each disc is set into a slot, with tabs splitting up the seasons. The set is huge (my husband’s first response was, “Where the hell are we going to keep that?”) but major points go for creativity. 

The second reason to buy the set: special features. If you have bought any of the individual seasons (or read any of my reviews) you will know that, save for the first couple seasons, none of the sets come with special features. (Unless you count random episodes of The Tudors and Shameless as “special features.”) Well, all the special features were saved up for this set.

Sort of.

Divided up by season, earlier seasons do not seem to include special features from the sets. I don’t have the earlier seasons, so I can’t compare. For later seasons, it is all stuff that was obviously shot in the last year or so. For example, Jennifer Carpenter does audio commentary for “select scenes” from season six, during which she says, “I haven’t seen this episode in a long time.”  That doesn’t make it bad, but it is kind of like slacking off all year before cramming for all your exams the day before. With necessity comes innovation, and one of my favorite clips is with the CSI technicians who demonstrate how to lift fingerprints and what they pack in their kits. Some of the special features, like a conversation between Michael C. Hall and John Lithgow after season four were clips from the website. There are absolutely no special features for the last season, and for audio commentary junkies, you get exactly one: on the season four finale.

Another “special feature” is a softcover art book. This is almost exclusively posters and key art that you have scene a million times over.

So is it worth the money? The list price of the blu-ray set is $460, or $219 on Amazon. Each season purchased separately right now would cost $266 on Amazon. So yes, you will save money and you will get more. But if you already own all (or most) of the season sets, I don’t see any real reason to drop the extra money on this set.