'The Box' - 'Fringe' Episode 3.2


Fringe Episode 3.2
“The Box”
Written By: Josh Singer and Graham Roland
Directed By: Jeff Hunt
Original Airdate: 30 Sept 2010

In This Episode...
A family in Milton, Mass. is bound and gagged while two guys are digging a deep hole in the basement, hired by someone who we later find out is Thomas, from the other dimension.  They find their payload but can’t resist taking a peek.  Lights flicker, electronics go haywire, the guys bleed from their nose and their eyes roll back.  The family suffers the same fate.  The third guy, a cousin who was brought along for the ride, comes downstairs after a break.  He takes the box and leaves the house unscathed.

Fauxlivia is working both sides of this investigation: helping Broyles figure out what is going on, while simultaneously knowing what is going on.  She needs to figure out who the third man is, and why the device didn’t kill him.  Fauxlivia sneaks out to the digger’s apartment, with Peter meeting up with her later.  The third man sees her from a distance, and after seeing her badge, delivers the package right to her door, thinking he is doing the right thing.  Walter had figured out that whatever the device was, it used ultrasonic sound waves to be lethal.  When the third man shows up at Olivia’s apartment, Fauxlivia discovers he was deaf.  Thomas retrieves the box, and leaves Fauxlivia to “clean up” - shoot the third man in the head.

As Fauxlivia is dragging the body across her apartment, the doorbell rings.  Peter.  Walter had just tried to talk to him about his interdimensional kidnapping, and Peter couldn’t handle it, so he ran to Fauxlivia.  Peter’s concern is that he will turn into Walter.  Fauxlivia is half-listening until she notices blood leaking from under the bathroom door, where the body is hidden.  To distract him from seeing the blood, Fauxlivia starts making out with him.  They are interrupted by phone calls from Broyles and Astrid, respectively.

They meet up with the team at a subway stop.  Thomas had enticed a dwarf to watch his box while he runs to the restroom.  The dwarf, naturally, could not resist taking a peek, and the resulting massacre was what called the team in.  Video shows the dwarf rushing down the train tunnel with the box, which allowed the team to make their way into the station safely.  Peter insists that he be the one to travel into the tunnels to disarm the device.  The only way he can do it safely is for Fauxlivia to fire her gun next to each ear, temporarily deafening him.  He diffuses the device, is rescued by Fauxlivia from a train at the last minute, and takes the device back to the lab.  Peter recognizes the device as a piece from Walternate’s blueprints.  Fauxlivia sends a transmission to the other dimension that Peter has the piece and is actively engaged.  She is told to get to work on Dr. Bishop.

Also: William Bell’s will is read.  He leaves everything to Nina and Walter.  We don’t see what Nina gets in her envelope, but Walter gets a safe deposit box key.  Bell has left him 100% of the stock shares for Massive Dynamic.

Dig It or Bury It?
Dig it.  Last week’s season premiere was a little disappointing, and I think it is because it took place in the other universe.  I don’t like that dimension.  Walternate is too serious.  Actually, everyone over there is too serious.  And of course, the other dimension doesn’t have Peter any more.  Tonight’s episode had a lot more going on - we had a regular Fringy case, plus intrigue and Walter-Babble.  And a dwarf.  Everything is better with a dwarf.  Even better is that in the tunnel, the dwarf’s head explodes.  That was fun.

Tiny cracks in Fauxlivia’s facade are starting to appear.  For example, Fauxlivia comments that she loves “Crazy” when the Patsy Cline song comes on.  Peter is taken slightly aback because she has never mentioned any interest in music before.

Walter is in the lab, cooking.  When Broyles asks what he is making, the response is chocolate milk... well, a cow that produces chocolate milk. 

In The Other Universe...
... they have much better lasers.  Thomas uses some fancy-shmancy handheld laser to painlessly remove Fauxlivia’s tattoo - with no scarring.

Peter is obsessed over those blueprints.  He believes it needs a specific human interface, and the pieces in the other universe reacted to him.  The idea of machinery that only reacts with a very specific kind of person is a little wonky to me.  I could understand if it was machinery that reacted with biology, but the idea that only certain people could make it work just sounds way sketchy... and dangerously close to “Master Race” talk.

Next week we are back in the other dimension.  I suspect that we will be alternating between universes until the “final battle” resolves the Olivia issue.  It appears that Olivia’s brainwashing is starting to fall apart...