'A Brave New World' - 'Vampire Diaries' Episode 2.2


Vampire Diaries Episode 2.2
“Brave New World”
Written By: Brian Young
Directed By: John Dahl
Original Airdate: 16 September 2010

In This Episode...

Against the backdrop of the Mystic Falls carnival, Caroline begins her transformation into a vampire.  She catches on pretty quick: an insatiable lust for blood, the burning flesh in sunlight, the fangs, the ability to compel her nurse into silence so she can drink.  She checks herself out of the hospital at night, and heads over to the carnival.  Once there, she confronts Damon about his abuse and manipulation of her when they were “dating.”  Damon is confused until Caroline throws him across the hallway.

Caroline meets up with Matt, but panics when his heartbeat causes her to vamp out.  She runs off, unable to make sense of the “strange new feelings” inside her.  She comes across a carnival worker, Carter, who had been flirting with Bonnie all night.  Caroline apologizes, then digs in.

Elena wants nothing to do with Damon, but she softens when he reveals that Caroline is now a vampire.  They pow-wow with Stefan.  Damon wants to kill Caroline, but Stefan insists he can help her through the process.  Damon gets to her first, stake in hand.  Caroline has finished her meal, and is crying.  Damon offers his sincere help, but Stefan stops him before he can stake her.  The boys fight.  Caroline freaks out, thinking Elena and Katherine are the same person.  Bonnie can’t decide which is worse: one of her best friends becoming a vampire, or a potential boyfriend becoming that vampire’s dinner.  Damon makes one more attempt to stake Caroline, but Elena gets between them... and Damon just can’t hurt her.

While Stefan takes Caroline into the bathroom to clean her up, calm her down, and teach her how to control her urges, Bonnie is overwrought.  She does her magic vampire-brain-burn thing and Damon drops to the ground.  Then a gas line starts spouting, and fire creeps towards Damon.  He is alight when Elena finally shakes Bonnie from her reverie.  Damon is injured but alive.

Also: Damon starts to suspect that the Lockwoods have a supernatural side to them, but has been unable to determine what.  Tyler questions his uncle, but Mason refuses to give up any answers.  Jeremy plans to kill Damon, but instead chickens out and the two end up with an awkward bonding moment.

Dig It or Bury It?

It was a reasonably gripping episode, if a bit on the emotional mushy-gushy side.  Last week, after the Katherine debacle, Damon was seriously unhinged, but this week he seemed normal.  Too normal.  Maybe it is all a ruse, but he seemed... eerily calm. 

Honestly, the episode ended on such a saccharine note (see the Dear Diary section below) that it really negated much of the cool stuff that did happen.  I really need a hardcore vampire vs. werewolf episode.

Devilish Charm

While discussing Mason with Stefan, Damon calls him an “ambiguously supernatural uncle.”  Later on, when pondering what Mason could be, Stefan jokes that he knows what Mason is: “A ninja turtle.”  He then throws out “zombies” and “werewolves,” to which Damon replies, “Werewolves?  This is real life.”  Hardee har har.

Blood Lust

There is nothing like a freshly turned vampire to kill with gusto.  Caroline really tore into Carter, but it was the aftermath that was more fun.  Blood caked onto her face ghoulishly, her hair wild, she was almost animalistic.   Her first attack on the nurse was a little less violent, but she didn’t kill the nurse.  Instead, she compelled her to tell anyone who asks about her neck wounds that “her husband likes to get kinky.”

Dear Diary

This episode ended with a “dear diary” moment that probably tickled the Twilight fans but was kind of nauseating.  At the beginning of the episode, Elena was determined to get everyone involved in the carnival so that they can act like “normal teenagers.”  She wanted to make out with Stefan on the top of the ferris wheel.  When the shit hit the fan and that didn’t happen, Stefan wakes Elena before dawn and flies her up to the ferris wheel to give her just a few normal minutes of adolescence.   Say it with me now:  Awwwwwww.


The Lockwood curse is finally revealed: werewolves.  And apparently a single bite from a werewolf can kill a vampire.  Let the war begin.