'Caged Heat' - 'Supernatural' Episode 6.10


Supernatural Episode 6.10
"Caged Heat"
Written By: Brett Matthews and Jenny Klein
Directed By: Robert Singer
Original Airdate: 3 December 2010

In This Episode...

Demon Meg shows up, and wants the boys to lead her to Crowley. Crowley is hunting down Lucifer's loyals, and Meg wants to get to him first. Sam recognizes that Meg needs Sam and Dean more than she wants to kill them. They strike an uneasy partnership: the Winchesters will help her find Crowley; they just want a few minutes with him before she kills him.

Sam tricks Cas into popping down to earth to help locate Crowley. His spell doesn't work, so they have to do it the hard way: chase him down in "monster Gitmo." They approach Samuel to help them, but he refuses, finally admitting that Crowley promised to bring his daughter Mary back from the dead. As they are prepping for the mission, Sam overhears Cas telling Dean that Sam's soul has been Lucifer's plaything for the last year - it is likely that getting it back would kill Sam, or worse. Sam, Dean, Cas, and Meg meet up at Crowley's fortress. They enter easily... a little too easily. The hellhounds have been released. Meg tries to void her current body, but she is stuck. If you can't beat ‘em, join ‘em. Since Meg can see the hellhounds, she stays back to fight them. The boys continue on, but are dazed by a bright flash of light. Cas disappears, but Samuel is there, with Crowley. He sold them out.

Sam and Dean are locked in separate cells. Samuel looks in on Dean, who is furious that he has sold out his own blood. Samuel counters, saying that Mary is his blood; the boys are strangers to him. Dean vows that we will get out, and he will kill Samuel. The goon squad show up, and drag Dean away to a room covered in blood and entrails. In his cell, Sam is preparing for his turn - by biting open his wrist. When the goons come for him, they find themselves trapped beneath a pentacle, painted on the ceiling in Sam's blood.

Sam locates Dean, who is fending off two ghouls who are trying to eat him for breakfast. Sam knocks out the ghouls with a pipe to the head. Next on the save list is Meg, who is being tortured by a demon goon. Dean stabs the goon through the chest and, after a moment of thought, released Meg from her Fifth Element-style restraints. They pull the fire alarm to lure Crowley to them. When he comes in, Crowley finds that he is stuck beneath another magic pentacle. He is none too happy when Meg reveals herself. He refuses to turn over Sam's soul - he doesn't want to go back into that box, and Sam won't want it back. They turn Crowley over to Meg, who eagerly steps into the pentacle chamber to torture Crowley - after Dean promises to let her out when Crowley is dead. Crowley knocks Meg over easily and takes her knife. He throws the knife into the ceiling, breaking the pentacle and thus, the curse. Cas steps in to save the day - he has Crowley's bones. After checking once more that Crowley won't retrieve Sam's soul, Cas sets the bones ablaze, taking Crowley out. In the blink of an eye, Meg flees - good for her, because Dean planned on killing her anyway.

Cas admits that he would prefer to stay on earth to help the Winchesters, but he has to continue the fight in heaven. He vows to find another way to retrieve Sam's soul. But Sam doesn't want it back - when angels and demons agree on something, it may be a good idea to listen to them. Dean refuses to give up, even as Sam walks away from him.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode was too angsty for me. A good portion of the episode was spent dealing with family arguments. If I wanted family dysfunction, I would make everyday Thanksgiving. Not enough action, and the crazy abandoned prison felt underused. It should have been more of a character, less of a set. With the last episode offering a delightful mix of fairies, UFOs, humor, and general weirdness, this one landed flat with me.

Blood Brothers

Not much action in this one. Meg battles a herd of hellhounds, but that doesn't count because hellhounds are invisible. The episode does open with Crowley torturing a shifter who has taken on Crowley's visage. When torturer-Crowley doesn't get the answer to his question ("Where is purgatory?") he beheads his doppleganger neatly with a machete. The coolest deaths this week belonged to the demon goons. Two bite it on-camera. When they are stabbed, they emit a red, strobing light that seems to be devouring them from the inside out.

Spooky Humor

While Sam and Dean are doing some research, Cas watches some television. The program perplexes him - he is watching porn, and can't figure out why the pizza guy is spanking the babysitter. "You are watching porn?" Dean asks in disgust. "You don't watch porn in a room full of dudes." Cas doesn't understand why this is inappropriate - until he looks down into his lap. "Great, now he's got a boner," Dean laments.

Sibling Rivalry

The family angst was off the charts in this episode. Samuel turning his back on his grandsons, then having a change of heart, only to reveal he sold them out. Calling the boys "strangers," while their mother is his true blood. He blames Dean for Mary's death, claiming that Dean chose Sam over Mary. Sam is upset by the consensus that his soul could destroy him, and he leaves Dean by episode's end.


Death takes a holiday... and the Winchesters fill in for him? Robert Englund guest stars!