'Clap Your Hands if You Believe' - 'Supernatural' Episode 6.9


Supernatural Episode 6.9
"Clap Your Hands if You Believe..."
Written By: Ben Edlund
Directed By: John Showalter
Original Airdate: 19 November 2010

In This Episode...

The boys are investigating a number of disappearances in Indiana.The popular belief in town is that this is the work of aliens.  A group of UFO hunters has set up a caravan of crazy, led by a guy named Whittaker. Of all the monsters Dean and Sam have fought, they don't believe in aliens.  The guys split up: Sam goes into town while Dean heads into the cornfield - where he is abducted into a bright flash of light.  He is returned shortly thereafter, panicked and shooting into the air.

He heads back to the motel to find Sam in bed with a hippie chick, who was drawn to town because of the aliens.  Dean is mad that Sam is screwing some chick while he has only been gone for a half-hour.  In fact he has been gone all night - it is after 4am.  He doesn't know what happened exactly.  The "grabby, incandescent douchebags" were too bright to look at.  He started shooting and hacking, and they returned him to the field.  The boys go grab a beer, and Dean sees a strange looking man through the window, staring at him.  Sam cannot see the guy.

The Winchesters split up again: Sam at the library, Dean doing research on the internet at the motel.  Dean is interrupted by another bright light.  The door opens, and in flies a little gold orb of light.  Dean goes for his gun; the light cockblocks him, then starts bitch slapping him all over the room.  Dean finally traps the thing in the microwave, and cooks it until it explodes.  When Sam returns, Dean tries to show him, but Sam can't see the "blech" inside the microwave.  Dean tells him that within the orb of light, there appeared to be a hot, naked woman.  With wings.  Sam puts the pieces together. During his research, he found evidence of not only extra-terrestrials, but other-terrestrials.  In a word, fairies.

Sam and Dean pay another local crazy a visit, the fairy lady, who tells them all about fairies.  They love cream, are vulnerable to iron and silver, and if salt or sugar is spilled before them, they must sit down and compulsively count every granule.  The guys get a lead when they see the local watchmaker loading crates of cream into his workshop.  Dean investigates the shop while Sam follows the watchmaker, Brennan.  In the shop, Dean sees tiny, glowy men making watches.  He slips out before they see him, but soon discovers the creepy, silent man following him again.  He tries to tackle the guy, but ends up tackling the town's prosecutor.  He is arrested while screaming like a crazy man to "Fight the fairies!"  Sam, meanwhile, approaches Brennan, who finally admits that he summoned the elves to help in his workshop.  His grandmother had left him a spellbook, and he gave it a whirl, initially only asking for help for his palsied hands.  Instead, he unleashed a flood of elves and fairies - led by a leprechaun - that make a habit of abducting first-born sons.

Sam and Brennan go back to the watch shop.  The elves would be drunk on cream, allowing them to get to the spellbook and cast the antidote spell, sending all the mythical creatures back to whence they came.  Moments into the chant, Brennan is stabbed to death.  His attacker? Whittaker, the head UFO nut.  He is the leprechaun leader, and he runs the UFO groups to divert attention from his fairy tale brethren.  He and Sam engage in fisticuffs.  Sam shoots him with an iron bullet, but all it does is sting.  Whittaker offers Sam his soul back in exchange for letting his kind remain on earth, but Sam won't give in.  He spills some salt on the ground, causing Whittaker to begin his Rainman act.  Sam recites the spell and all the fairies, elves, leprechauns, and whatever else is floating around are all zapped back to their own world.

Dig It or Bury It?

Ben Edlund's name on an episode always suggests awesomeness, and tonight's episode was no exception.  There were so many funny lines I could barely keep up.  The plot itself was silly, but Edlund's script matched that silliness, which just made it a delight to watch.  I wish there was a unicorn in this episode.  Maybe a garden gnome or two.  This was definitely a stand-out episode.

Spooky Humor

Where to begin?  As Dean is about to be abducted, he is on the phone with his brother, and just starts screaming, "UFO! UFO!"  When that doesn't elicit any help from Sam, he switches to another scream: "Close encounter!  Close encounter!"  Before Dean disappears, Sam manages to ask, "What kind of encounter?  I think the fourth is some kind of butt thing."

Sam goes to visit the caravan of crazy to try to get some info on UFOs.  He is talking to Whittaker, and the hippie chick overhears Sam mention that his brother was abducted.  She is both excited and saddened by the idea, but Sam assures her, "It's okay; I've had time to adjust."  "Oh, did it happen when you were kids?" "No, about 30 minutes ago."  At this point the hippie chick backs away slowly.

Sibling Rivalry

Dean is trying to teach Sam empathy.  Sam is trying, but it is like trying to teach a robot to cry.  When Dean comes back from his abduction, he is beyond shaken.  For a man who has literally been to hell and back, some glowy lights shouldn't traumatize him so much.  Sam sits down, puts his hand on his brother's knee and says, "Talk to me.  This is a safe room."  Dean looks at him like he is nuts, to which Sam responds, "I'm trying this empathy thing!"

Blood Brothers

The only death was that of Brennan - a giant pole straight through his chest.  Quick, easy, and rather uninteresting.


After the Thanksgiving break, the boys, along with Samuel and the cousins, are trapped in some kind of abandoned asylum or prison.  Looks damned creepy.