Convention Season Toy Breakdown - Mezco Toyz

The Mezco Toyz Cinema of Fear line has established itself as a veritable one-stop shop for the gorehound. Today we?re checking out two items from the COF line, the Jason Voorhees Roto-Plush and the Stylized Jason Voorhees. These are two very different takes on the hockey-masked murderer, and they both seem to pull the very essence from the series.

By Giaco Furino


First, let?s talk about the Roto-Plush Jason. Half plush, half roto-cast vinyl?I?ve never seen anything quite like this figure. Seeing as how this was a convention exclusive (we picked ours up at the San Diego Comic-Con), they?ve gussied him up in a hockey jersey (get it? he wears a hockey mask?) with his mask on it. I?m not exactly sure why they decided to dress him up like this, but hey, a collector?s item is a collector?s item, no matter which way you slice it. His plush body gives him a soft, plump look, but the stylized face and beaming baby blue eyes almost make this disfigured maniac cute! The detail on the blood-stained hands and the over-accentuated boots really help make the figure feel like more than a plushie. If you?re into collectibles that add mix a few outside influences into the character, the Jason Voorhees Roto-Plush is a solid buy.

Now, for a more traditional take on the Crystal Lake killer, we look to the Cinema of Fear stylized Jason Voorhees.


This Jason is a solid figure with points of articulation that run on more of a swivel than the traditional ball joint. It fits for the size and sculpt of the model, but makes him a bit wobbily on his two feet. Like a deformed 1960?s G.I. Joe, Jason comes with real clothing. The tattered black undershirt, rope belt, knee-ripped brown pants, and blood stained jacket all add a wonderful realism to the piece. This figure, a convention exclusive that debuted at the New York Comic-Con, comes with more accessories than you could shake a stick at! Included are: a bloody spear, a bloody axe, the famous bloody machete, and?my personal favorite?a severed head complete with gouged eye! But the most impressive aspect of the figure has to be the mask. It looks solid, with four slash marks across the left eye hole (could this be a post-Freddy Vs. Jason figure?), with faux-leather straps that actually let you take the mask off of his face! That?s right, you can choose between the normal ?I?m a scary hockey mask guy? face, or the ?Oh my God, I?m so ugly looking!? face! This figure hits the mark in so many ways, and we?ve added it to our personal collection of plastic things we drool over.


So, all in all, Mezco has been very good to Voorhees fans this con season. Whether you like your Jason squishy and near-adorable, or accessory laden and ready to pose!