'The Dancing Dead' - 'Face Off' Episode 1.6


Face Off Episode 1.6
"The Dancing Dead"
Original Airdate: 2 March 2011

In This Episode...

This week's foundation is the coolest one yet. The contestants have one hour to create their own fake blood. They will then splatter it against a wall, t-shirt, and pane of glass. A former LAPD homicide detective will judge each contestant's blood based on color, consistency, and realistic splatter pattern. Tom won for his realistic splatter pattern, so he got first choice of models for the spotlight challenge.

The spotlight challenge? Zombies! The contestants are all excited about this. A few hours into the design process, McKenzie informs the contestants that in addition to creating an original zombie, these zombies will have to perform a choreographed dance, so the makeup must be functional and well-applied. The guest judge for this week's challenge is Greg Nicotero, and two people will be going home tonight.

The Creations

Conor: Conor went with a classic 1980s "dried husk" zombie. The judges were uniformly impressed with his skill and attention to detail. Nicotero said he would film it exactly as is. The only complaint was that his concept was unoriginal.

Tom: Originally, Tom planned on doing a shark attack victim (not wholly original; he obviously missed FEARnet's number one zombie). But when he found out his zombie had to dance, he nixed the wetsuit and instead went with a roadkill zombie. His zombie was gruesome, but the judges were underwhelmed by the heavy brow and overwrought wrinkles.

Anthony: The moment Anthony's zombie lurched onto stage, I knew he was going home. He did a hooker zombie, which was a favorite concept amongst the judges, but the execution was awful. The makeup made his model look more like a drowning victim than a zombie. Her face was bloated and deformed. Epic fail.

Megan: Megan's zombie was lauded as the best concept. Her Los Angeles zombie was a plastic surgery victim. Her silicone breasts were leaking out of her decaying chest, and her lifted face was lifted clean off. However, she applied blood too liberally, hiding all of her sculpting.

Gage: Gage's zombie was a WWII vet, with a mangled face and shrapnel sticking out of his flesh. A gruesome, well executed concept, but one of the judges felt the zombie was "too pink."

Tate: Tate's zombie was caught off-guard in a home invasion. Her torso was ripped open from behind, and Tate even worked in fingernail trails in her flesh. The exposed intestines were originally planned to drag behind her for a dozen feet, but Tate cut them out when he discovered she would be dancing. The judges were roundly impressed.

Sam: Bucking convention, Sam decided to make her zombie fat. With minimal face decay, the look was effective, but she lost points for having a poorly applied arm appliance.


Conor and Tate were the top two, but Tate edges out Conor with a better concept. Tate is allowed to suggest two people to send home, but he only opts to name Megan. The judges agree that Anthony will be the first to leave, but then debate between Megan and Tom. Tom had better makeup, but Megan had a better concept. Tom was the second one to go home.

Dig It or Bury It?

I loved the foundation challenge. I actually wish they spent more time showing how that was judged. It was fun and messy - so, so messy. Dexter would be proud. But then we have zombies. I love zombies. The dance they did was cute, but let's be honest: when you have "Thriller" to live up to, everything pales in comparison.


Apparently Jo was the pot stirrer. The contestants have been divided into two separate lofts, and with Jo gone, whatever kind of animosity the two living quarters had against each other is gone.


With only two episodes left, the contestants have new models: themselves. They have to apply disguises to themselves that are good enough to fool family and friends.