'Dead Space 3' Set to Ruin Valentine's Day


We now have further evidence that the team at Visceral Games hates Valentine’s Day.  First, they released their melodramatic brawler Dante’s Inferno on February 9, 2010, and now they’re releasing Dead Space 3 in virtually the same timeframe: February 5th, 2013.

Seriously, Visceral, are you trying to keep us all out of the arms of potential romance?  Is this a conspiracy to topple the flower, chocolate, and prophylactic industries during their highest-profit holiday?  Well, at least there’s cooperative multiplayer, so we can spend time supporting each other through these lonesome times that Visceral will be putting us through.

G4 reported even more info from EA’s keynote at the Gamescom conference, including details of the first two rounds of DLC that will come included with the Limited Edition release of the game.  Just like Dead Space 1 & 2, the DLC is going to primarily be enhanced weapons and armor loadouts for players to use in their continuing battle against those pesky necromorphs.

…aaand just in case you were worried that the new, frozen setting of Dead Space 3 would somehow soften all of the scares that the first two had, there’s also a new trailer showing that, in spite of the new icy setting, it’s still Dead Space as usual…and that’s a good thing!