DLC Review: 'Dead Nation: Road of Devastation'


Last year's Dead Nation didn't innovate, revolutionize, or reinvent in any fashion.  It joined the rotting ranks of twin-stick zombie shooters like Konami's Zombie Apocalypse or countless Xbox Live Indie titles, but with a level of polish and audiovisual beauty that few titles—if any—could match.  Now, almost a year later, developer Housemarque has released Road of Devastation, a ultra bargain-priced DLC that continues the rollicking rampage that Dead Nation started, but not in the way that you might think. More after the break.

The narrative thread of Dead Nation, as thin as it was, has been all but severed for Road of Devastation, instead offering a simple, novel approach to the gameplay.  Players awaken in a lab from which they have to choose one of three roads, leading to weapons and grenades, money and health, or armor and score.  Picking from each will guide the player into a unique environment where they must face off against the dead yet again while gathering that path's unique bonuses.  If they succeed, they will find their way back to the lab to pick their path yet again; this time with the difficulty ramped up accordingly.

Sure, there's some minimalist plot nonsense about eugenics and creating some sort of zombie-slaying super soldier, but it's no more than fluff to justify the meat grinder you're being put through.  And you know what? That's just fine, as Dead Nation was one hell of a good time last year, and it still is this year.  I don't need motivation to massacre zombies except for the catharsis of carnage, and Dead Nation offers that in spades.  Road of Devastation offers the very same satisfaction, but with the added joy of additional weapons and zombie types.  That, combined with the ridiculously cheap price of $3.99, makes this DLC a no-brainer.

Dead Nation: Road of Devastation is out now on Playstation Network for $3.99.