DLC Review: General Zod for ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’


As I groused previously in my review for the Scorpion DLC for Injustice: Gods Among Us, DC Comics has close to a century and hundreds, if not thousands, of possible characters to mine for the character roster.  After the fanservice slam-dunk of the Main Man, Lobo, Netherrealm has seemed content to deliver mediocre analogues (Batgirl) and out-of-their-element character transplants (MK’s Scorpion), while leaving countless obvious and intriguing options off of the table.  Where’s the Martian Manhunter?  Blue Beetle?  Big Barda?  Goddamn Swamp Thing?

Now, because it’s cinematically topical with Man of Steel in the theaters, General Zod has been released as the fourth (and possibly final) DLC character for Injustice.  Sadly, he proves to be a less-than-compelling addition to the title, with his main move set being analogous to Superman’s (heat vision, freezing breath) with a few Kryptonian assault weapons adding more ranged attacks to the repertoire.  However, be prepared to deal with the most frustratingly slow walk of any character in the game, as Zod stalks across arenas at a positively glacial pace. 

As much as I loved Injustice, I must admit that the DLC roster has been disappointing at best.  Hopefully Netherrealm and WB Games has plans to pull out some real heavy hitters in a ”Season 2” pass, or possibly a sequel.  As it stands, the overall DLC experience has been a bland gravy on top of one hell of a cut of meat.