DLC Review: Kenshi for 'Mortal Kombat'

With Skarlet's lightning-fast play style leaving my thumbs appropriately bloody from a few weeks ago, I was apprehensive about checking out the next bit of downloadable character content from WB Games for Mortal Kombat: the blind-but-telepathic swordsman Kenshi.  Check out our impressions after the break.

Kenshi should be familiar to MK vets, as he was first introduced to the franchise waaay back in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.  His story is the usual MK shtick, with perpetual pain-in-the-ass Shang Tsung leaving Kenshi blind and dying outside of a tomb that also happened to hold a mystical sword, which gives Kenshi the ability to telekinetically project himself short distances away from his body.

It's these telekinetic abilities that make Kenshi a helluva lot of fun to play as.  His ethereal stretches give him a Noob Saibot rivaling reach, and his methodical, slightly slow paced style is easy and fun to pick up.  When compared to Skarlet's spazzy pacing, Kenshi seems almost easy-going.

Even his fatalities are fun, with his main finisher resulting in the opponent's corpse-to-be being slammed repeatedly against the TV screen until their eye bursts from its socket, before Kenshi slices them in two.  Another involves Kenshi flinging the opponent face first into his sword, bisecting them.

What can I say?  Once again, Netherrealm Studios has given Mortal Kombat a new character that genuinely feels different and adds an exciting new wrinkle to their already fantastic game.  Download him now! 

Kenshi is available for download from Xbox Live for 400 Microsoft Points or Playstation Network for $4.99.