DLC Review: Lobo for ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’


Injustice: Gods Among Us shares Mortal Kombat DNA in more ways than just its fighting mechanics: similar to Netherrealm’s last fighter, the game is being enhanced post-release with a quartet (possibly more) of super-powered pugilists to flesh out the experience.

The first of these is an absolute doozy, being none other than the Main Man himself, Lobo.  First created in 1983, Lobo grew to massive popularity in the ‘90s where he was reimagined as a bounty hunting space biker who murdered, maimed, and mutilated everyone from his own bastard children to Santa Claus.  His R-rated antics had to be slightly toned down for the T-rated Injustice, but the spirit of the character is as strong as ever.

Lobo sits in a strange place for the brawler vs. technical fighter, mixing up shotgun-powered ranged attacks with up-close grapples.  He’s not quite Bane in his brutality, but he’s also not as nimble as Green Arrow.  He’s very fun, however, and very balanced to play as, and his trademark attitude is in full effect.  Executing Lobo’s super move shows the Last Czarnian running over his opponent in his “Hawg,” before catching them in the space-bike’s exhaust and flipping them the (censored) bird, a pitch-perfect gag that had my inner teenager laughing heartily.

Lobo is now available for Injustice:Gods Among Us for 500 MSP/$4.99, or as part of the Season Pass which includes all four DLC characters.