DLC Review: Nightwing Bundle Pack for 'Batman: Arkham City'


With as large of a rogues' gallery as Batman has to go up against, he needs a sizable band of allies to back him up.  After all, when you've got a veritable army of lunatics to face up against, you need all the help you can get.  Arkham City seems to understand that, offering up a few members of Team Batman to help him out: the on-again off-again thief Catwoman, post-adolescent sidekick Robin, and former sidekick gone solo Nightwing.  We've already seen Catwoman in the initial release of Batman: Arkham City (unless you bought it used, ya cheapskate) and Robin showed his hooded head in the game's narrative, but Nightwing has gone unrepresented until now, with Rocksteady's release of the Nightwing Bundle Pack for Batman: Arkham City.

The Nightwing Bundle Pack naturally features Batman's former sidekick and his unique abilities, as well as 2 new challenge maps to show them off.  Nightwing's style is firmly set in between Batman's and Catwoman's; his brawling fighting style and Batman-inspired shuriken are tempered by a Catwoman-like speed and acrobatic ability.  Topping these off is a pair of electrified batons that will occasionally incapacitate enemies with a high-amperage burst.

Playing through the various challenge maps as Nightwing is a vastly different experience indeed: the Detective Vision built into his mask is far weaker than Batman's, forcing stealthy approaches to be taken at a slow, nail-biting pace.  However, when thrown into a combat situation, Nightwing's blinding speed is a joy to behold, with his speed and acrobatic maneuvers tearing through enemies at an almost comical rate.

There is one caveat with this Bundle Pack, unfortunately, and that's its price.  Whereas the Catwoman Bundle Pack gave story integration and the ability for Catwoman to traverse the entirety of Arkham City's massive game world for a reasonable 10 bucks (or free of you bought the game new), Nightwing is confined to the challenge maps for 7 dollars.  While Nightwing may be a blast to play as, there's simply not enough content to justify the cost.

The Nightwing Bundle Pack for Batman: Arkham City is now available on Xbox Live and PSN for 560 MSP/$6.99.