Dread Central Movie Review - Bela Kiss: Prologue


A few years ago, Xavier Gens gave us Frontiere(s), the Texas Chainsaw Massacre-inspired torture flick that followed a group of criminals fleeing Parisian riots, only to wind up at a hotel run by cannibalistic neo-Nazis. It was dark, violent, and perhaps a little too cliche and indebted to the so-called “torture porn” trend, but in the end it was an entertaining and dare I say emotional thriller with a hint of beauty behind it (the haircut scene slayed me). I’m telling you this because if you’re interested in a movie wherein bad people are fleeing something and wind up at a hotel run by worse people, then you should probably just watch Gens’ superior film, rather than Lucien Förstner’s Bela Kiss: Prologue, which I totally thought was a “sexy vampire film” before I looked it up.

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