Dread Central Movie Review - Dead Set


We join Dead Set halfway through a fictional series of "Big Brother" as the remaining housemates sit around the house either bitching or having banal conversations with one another. It's Friday evening which means one thing - it's eviction night. Over in the studio, the production team are preparing for the evening's broadcast; producer Patrick (Andy Nyman of Severance) oversees the live feed and barks orders to his "minions" whilst host Davina McCall is in hair and make up and runner Kelly (Jaime Winstone of Donkey Punch) escorts some former housemates to the Green room, fending off calls from her boyfriend Riq (Ghatak) whom she cheated on the night before. As showtime nears Patrick worries that they're going to get bumped due to breaking news of rioting spreading across the UK - "Why do people riot anyway? It's not the eighties, they've got distractions, they should stay in and watch telly."

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