Dread Central Review - The Divide


At Fantasia’s Canadian premiere of Gens’ The Divide, this post-apocalyptic character study was cheerfully introduced by Michael Biehn as “a dark motherfucker”. Documenting the psychological decay of people stranded in a basement apartment weathering out a nuclear holocaust, the horror of the film veers from survival to a Lord of the Flies exploration of man’s capacity for evil, which amounts to post-apocalyptic stress unleashing the demented testosterone-crazed frat boy longing to rape, maim and cross-dress in every man. Gens wisely realizes that an obliterated landscape singed to dust, pus-oozing victims, monster mutants and Tina Turner as an evil overlord flouncing around the Thunderdome could never compete with the horror of being trapped in a bunker turned sorority house nonstop hazing ritual with no way out....

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