'Entrada' - 'Fringe' Episode 3.8


Fringe Episode 3.8
Written By: Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman
Directed By: Brad Anderson
Original Airdate: 2 December 2010

In This Episode...

We have two parallel story lines across two universes that don't really converge until the end.

In the Blue Universe....

After being spooked by the phone call, Peter lays awake for hours, waiting to be sure Fauxlivia is asleep. He snoops around the apartment, finally landing on her computer. Liv wakes up for water, and he pretends he is sending an email to a friend in Greece. By way of a test, he says a Greek phrase to her, which she doesn't understand. That clinches it - Olivia was the one who told him that phrase. She goes back to bed, and he follows along - to be greeted by a gun in his face. He doesn't put up a fight; his only emotion comes when he threatens to kill Fauxlivia if anything happened to his Olivia. He administers the paralytic she was going to give him, and she runs to the typewriter shop and calls for an extraction.

Walter, Broyles, and the FBI descend on Olivia's apartment to search for clues. Fauxlivia took the wrong computer, but strangely, nothing comes of it. Back at the lab, Walter is desperately trying to figure out how to bring Olivia back, but can't figure it out. Astrid recognizes that the bakery that Fauxlivia always got treats for Walter from as a place in the Bronx. Why would she go so far out? The team head to the Bronx to see if anyone had seen Olivia. Peter recognizes his computer in the typewriter shop - Fauxlivia left it behind when she realized it wasn't hers - and they find the typewriter to the other universe. Reading the typewriter ribbon, they discover Fauxlivia was headed towards Penn Station for a 4pm extraction.

Fauxlivia meets her contact at Penn Station. In the bathroom, he injects implants into each of Fauxlivia's hands, and her spine. As they leave the bathroom, Peter spots them and draws his weapon. She ducks back into the bathroom and emerges with a hostage, a blonde woman who had interrupted Fauxlivia's implant. When her daughter starts screaming hysterically, Peter sees the complete lack of recognition in the woman's face. When she can't supply her daughter's name, Peter shoots her in the head. She bleeds silver. Fauxlivia's contact was a shifter, and he took this woman's place. Fauxlivia is taken in to custody.

In the Red Universe....

With Fauxlivia returning, it is time to send Olivia back to her universe. But is she sent back dead or alive? When Broyles goes to see her in lockup, it is pretty obvious she is going back dead: she is covered with markings like butchers make on cows. Olivia begs Broyles for help - after all, they did bond over his son. If he can just get her to the lab, she promises to find a way for both universes to survive without going to war. Broyles doesn't trust her, and leaves her to be paralyzed and harvested. But after mulling things over with his wife, Broyles decides that he wants to keep hope alive. He returns to Liberty Island, where Liv is paralyzed and strapped to a a clear, rotating exam table. Liv is upside-down on the table, and we hear the sounds of murder. Broyles is there, saving Liv. He gives her an adrenaline injection, and the two run to the lab. The sensory deprivation tank has been drained, and Liv has only one other option: go to Boston and hope Walternate kept his old lab. In deep already, Broyles helps her.

At the Boston lab, Liv wastes no time filling the old - but functional - tank. The guards are close on their heels though. Broyles insists she go, and locks her into the tank. Outside there is commotion, and Broyles is taken into custody.


The Universes Collide...

Back in the blue universe, Astrid is cleaning up the lab when Olivia steps creakily out of the deprivation tank and collapses. Astrid calls the boys, still at Penn Station, to alert them that Olivia is back and has been hospitalized after an apparent seizure. Before they leave, the clock strikes four, and the paddy wagon that Fauxlivia has been packed into starts to hum and shake. There is a red glow, and a crashing. Opening the back of the van, they discover Fauxlivia is gone - back to her universe - and in her place, the horribly disfigured corpse of the red universe's Broyles.

Meanwhile, a creepy nerdy guy gives the crippled typewriter shop owner his promised reward - working legs. In exchange, the nerdy guy gets the missing piece from Walternate's device.

Dig It or Bury It?

I have been dying for a resolution to this Freaky Friday switch, but about halfway through the episode, I started to get paranoid. Where could they take the story if they resolve the Case of the Two Olivias? I feel like we got really good resolution tonight, but there is still plenty of opportunity for the worlds to collide, so to speak. Other than the resolution itself, this episode was rather bland. There were a lot of loose ends to tie up, and two universes' worth of plot to tell.

I am curious to see what will happen between Peter and the real Olivia. In Peter's mind, they were in a relationship. When Olivia last saw Peter, their flirtations were getting a little more intense, but that's it. I certainly don't want this to become all angsty and relationshippy. I want to get back to big monsters. But it looks like next week they are returning to monsters in a big way....

In the Other Universe...

Penn Station is called Springsteen Station.

Walter Babble

Broyles is interviewing Peter after the paralytic wears off, and he is confused as to why Peter was in Olivia's apartment at 2am. Ah Broyles. So naive. Walter jumps in to cover for his son, but Peter, being an adult, tells Broyles that he and Liv had become an item. Walter then proceeds to launch into a story from the 1970s, when he wandered into a house that wasn't his, and it took him three days to realize the woman whose bed he was sharing wasn't his wife.


We return to the monsters with a classic: Frankenstein's monster. Kind of. A guy is stealing organs to use for his crazy experiments in which he reanimates human flesh.