'Everything is Illumenated' - 'Dexter' Episode 5.6


Dexter Episode 5.6
“Everything is Illumenated”

Written By: Wendy West
Directed By: Steve Shill
Original Airdate: 31 October 2010

In This Episode...

Dexter, feeling calmer now that Lumen is back home (or so he thinks), his life starts getting back to normal.  He packs up the house and moves back into his apartment, causing Deb to unofficially move in with Quinn.  Dexter’s blood slides go back into the AC unit, and he begins stalking his next victim: Lance, a guy who trawls the internet and public bathrooms, looking for rough, anonymous sex.  He has four kills under his belt.

Dex rents an RV to use as a portable kill room.  Lance is an easy lure, but as Dex is prepping him, he gets multiple, frantic calls from Lumen - all of which he ignores.  He can’t ignore a picture text of a bloodied man, and calls her back.  She is freaking out because she just killed one of her abusers and doesn’t know what to do.  Begrudgingly, Dex heads out to the warehouse she lured him to to help her with the body.  He tosses Lance in the trunk.  Lumen flags him down outside, but when they go inside, the body is gone.  Dude wasn’t dead enough.  Dexter uses his blood smarts and some luminol to follow the blood trail and track down the guy to the floor grate he is hiding in.

Dexter drags him out of the hole and cuffs him to pipe while he inspects his wounds.  Lumen is furious that he won’t just kill the guy, but his scent is not enough proof for Dexter.  He is Dan, a dentist, with a wife and three kids.  It’s a classic “he said, she said.”  Dexter leaves the room to take a call from Sonia and hear Harrison talk.  Lumen disobeys Dexters orders for her to remain on the other side of the room from Dan.  He comes back in to find her beating the crap out of him.  Dexter drags her into the other room for a “time out.”  Dexter hears mumbling, and finds Dan making a call on Lumen’s dropped phone.  “That last fucking bitch is alive,” he yells into the phone.  That is all the proof Dex needs, and he snaps Dan’s neck.

While dealing with Dan the Dentist, Dexter gets a text from homicide about a possible crime scene - the very one Lumen created.  Someone had seen her take Dan inside the warehouse at gunpoint, and heard shots.  Black and whites are outside, but Dexter figures they have about 15 minutes before homicide arrives and they enter the building.  Deb and Masuka are first on the scene, and they start at the front, following the same trail of blood that Dexter did.  Dexter sends Lumen to his house while he takes care of the crime scene.  As if things weren’t complicated enough, Lance is awake, and has broken out of the trunk.  Dexter finds him running, chokes him out, and drags him into the warehouse.  When Deb and Masuka finally make it to the crime scene, Dexter pops out, nonchalantly, like he had been examining the scene the whole time.  He staged it to make it look like rough sex gone bad between Dan and Lance, and no one questions it.

Homicide is staking out the Mayan club, against the chief’s orders.  Batista and Deb are watching the monitors in the surveillance van while commiserating over their love lives - Batista and his less-than-perfect marriage; Deb and her unwillingness to be relationship-y with Quinn.  By the end of the episode, Deb admits to Quinn that she has feelings for him, and he reciprocates.  Batista looks like he is picking up some trampy club girl, but instead he brings her to Laguerta and they make a deal: she helps lure out the Fuentes brothers, and pending drug charges against the girl will be dropped.  It is the perfect apology.

Dig It or Bury It?

Possibly my favorite episode this season.  It was a constant whirlwind of action, activity, drama, and complications.  The whole “incident” at the warehouse just kept getting more and more complicated - almost to a comical level.  It was a fast-paced episode, and by the time I got to the end, I found myself looking around in a daze - had an hour really just flown by?  Even recapping this episode, I find myself recapturing that exhilaration.

Flashback to the Future

Harry was absent this episode.  But after Dan is dead (for real this time), and Lumen is just staring at the mess, Dexter realizes that she has been born into blood like he and Harrison.  Maybe more like baptized into blood.  When Dexter goes back to the house to meet up with Lumen, he finds her laying in the tub exactly as he found Rita.  This momentary freakout gives way to a full-on freakout when she gets out of the tub and reports that it won’t drain.  Dex goes to help and gets horrible flashes of Rita.  He sits, and Lumen sits beside him.  They open up to each other, and Dexter realizes that since he can’t get revenge for Rita, he will help Lumen with hers.


Deb was light on the cursing this week.  When she saw the warehouse homicide scene, she did say, “What in the mother of fuck happened here?”  Which lead to....

Out of the Mouth of Masuka

...Masuka identifying the scene as “autoerotic mummification” gone wrong.  As the audio dips to Dexter’s voiceover, Masuka launches into a gleeful explanation of the likely scenario - complete with a variety of comically raunchy full-body gestures.


Dexter is down with Lumen’s revenge plot, and they have to move on to the rest of the guys.  But complications will arise when one of Lumen’s abductors becomes the center of their investigation and neither Dexter nor Lumen want him to get legal justice.  They want bloody justice.