'Family Matters' - 'Supernatural' Episode 6.7


Supernatural Episode 6.7
“Family Matters”
Written By: Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin
Directed By: Guy Bee
Original Airdate: 5 November 2010

In This Episode...

Sam wakes up, tied to a chair, Cas and Dean trying to diagnose him.  Cas reaches into Sam’s chest and discovers he has no soul, so they go to Samuel, the closest thing they have to a lead on how Sam came back from hell.  Cas does a soul check on Samuel - he is all good.

Samuel invites the Winchester boys on a vamp hunt with him and his crew.  Samuel is untrusting of Dean because he doesn’t know him, and Dean does his best to hang back and take orders.  At the nest, Dean and Gwen hang back to take care of any runners.  Shots from the vampire estate draw Dean closer.  He sneaks forward in time to see Samuel, Sam, and the rest of the crew leading an alpha vamp into a van.  He is shackled, with a sack over his head, like a prisoner of war.  When the crew regroups, Samuel lies and says they killed the alpha.  Later, Dean confronts Sam about it, who admits that Samuel has been abducting creatures and “grilling them” for answers, though he doesn’t know the questions.  Dean gives Sam an ultimatum - it is either him or me, but you go with me, and I call the shots.  Sam chooses his brother.

The boys follow Samuel to the warehouse where he is keeping Alpha, the very first vampire.  He is caged, strapped to a sort of electric chair, and pumped full of dead man’s blood.  Alpha reveals what Samuel wants from him: the location of purgatory.  But Samuel doesn’t really care - he is someone else’s lackey.

Samuel and his crew corner Sam and Dean, but before the fight can really go anywhere, Alpha escapes and the Winchesters must join with the lesser of two evils.  Alpha pins Sam, promising that he will make him the perfect animal.  As he moves forward with fangish intentions, Samuels guys grab Alpha and pull him off. But these guys are demons, and in a flash, they and Alpha disappear.  They are replaced by Crowley, who is the one who has been pulling Samuel’s strings.  He wants purgatory basically as real estate: it is vast, and hell-adjacent.  Crowley is now the king of hell, and he is the one who can give Sam back his soul, or send him back to hell.  Begrudgingly, Sam and Dean agree to collect creatures for Crowley, but only until they can figure out another way to get Sam’s soul back.

Dig It or Bury It?

In a season that has been particularly good, this episode was just average.  It had some good kills, though it was light on the action.  It was a darker episode, and I always enjoy the quirkier ones.  It wasn’t bad in anyway; it just didn’t stand out. 
It did feel like there was some missing logic.  They never explained why Samuel agreed to help Crowley - he has his soul.  Was it just so that he could be resurrected?  Is there some darker reason coming up in the near future?  And frankly, I don’t buy the “real estate” answer as the reason that Crowley wants purgatory.  Is he going to put up condos?

Blood Brothers

While Gwen and Dean are at the vampire estate, a vamp sneaks up on them and tackles Dean to the ground.  Gwen beheads the vamp with a swift machete chop.  Dean is sprayed with blood, and the vamp’s head falls to the ground and rolls away like a basketball.  Later, when Dean investigates the house, headless vampires litter the grounds, like a Jonestown vampire massacre.

Sibling Rivalry

Dean does not want let Sam out of the motel room without his soul.  They fight, but Sam breaks his binds anyway.  “You are stuck with a soulless guy.  Let’s make this work.”  Later, Dean gives Sam an ultimatum: you can go with Samuel, or come with me.  But if you come with me, I am the boss.  Sam chooses his brother.  Aw.

Spooky Humor

When Crowley strikes the deal for Sam and Dean to work for him, he says: “We clear?  Me, Charlie.  You, angels.”  Apparently they have cheesecake cop shows in hell.

Dean doesn’t have much to joke about in this episode, but I like when he calls his brother Robo-Sam.


Surprise, surprise - the boys start to have misgivings about working for Crowley.  Who would have guessed that the king of hell would be a bad boss?