Fangoria Review - The Collection


In 2009’s THE COLLECTOR, directed by Marcus Dunstan from a screenplay he wrote with Patrick Melton, we were introduced to Arkin (Josh Stewart), a comparatively innocent thief attempting to burglarize a house. Unfortunately, that home is simultaneously invaded by the Collector, a masked man who likes to wipe out a whole group of people in a short span of time via inventive contraptions. However, he always spares one to “collect,” torture at leisure and ultimately display for his own viewing pleasure. In their sequel THE COLLECTION (opening November 30 from LD Entertainment), Dunstan and Melton concoct an amazing splatterfest of an opening sequence in which the Collector (played this time around by Randall Archer) wipes out a whole nightclub. The filmmakers then kick out the jams on their premise by taking us to the site where the title element is stored. In THE COLLECTOR, the action was confined to the single house; here, we find that the Collector keeps his many, many finds in an entire closed-to-the-public hotel, the Argento....

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