Fangoria Review - I, Frankenstein


“I’m a dozen used parts from eight different corpses,” says Adam (Aaron Eckhart), a.k.a. you-know-who’s monster, in I, FRANKENSTEIN. Which is appropriate, since this film is made up of a dozen used parts from eight different movies. The initial inspiration was apparently to go back to Mary Shelley’s classic novel and return Victor Frankenstein’s creation to his original conception—not a bolt-necked, barely articulate hulk but a well-spoken, full cognizant being questing for his humanity. Under writer/director Stuart Beattie, however, Adam is reduced to being the MacGuffin in yet another cinematic conflict between two fantastic races that have been warring for centuries, existing undetected among the human world, with the head baddie plotting to raise an invincible inhuman army, etc., etc...

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