Fangoria Review - Simon Killer


A sociopathic odyssey, SIMON KILLER is less explicit horror and more the true nature of psychological thriller. Simon is unknowable; his intentions, actions, words and the truth behind them, unknown. This, in effect, is terrifying. When Antonio Campos’ deliberate camera isn’t focused on Simon’s enigmatic behavior, it finds brief interludes in a cool blue wide look at Paris. But it always dissolves to red, before giving way to a mad strobing. It’s, much like Simon’s actions, abrasive and enthralling at once. It’s also most likely how Simon sees. How he’s disengaged and icy, how he’s frightened or mad or depressed, how he’s erratic. What Simon truly wants is frustratingly out of reach, because by the end—one chilling moment of many—the viewer is unsure if any genuine emotion was displayed...

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