FEARNET Movie Review: 'I Spit On Your Grave 2'


I'm not new to this sort of garbage. I've seen more than my share of base, low-minded, leering, and frequently repulsive "rape/revenge" thrillers -- from The Last House on the Left (either one) to I Spit On Your Grave (either one) and a dozen others you've probably never even heard of.

I've also seen plenty of dark, disturbing, and devious thrillers, ones that are created by adults, for adults, that deal with the horrific issue of rape, sexual abuse, and the darkest sides of human nature. Films like Straw Dogs, Deliverance, The Hills Have Eyes. Irreversible, Martyrs, Kidnapped, and A Serbian Film.
I can tell when rape is being used as a metaphor, as an inciting act, or as an excuse to wallow in misery, suffering, and degradation. Trust me when I say that the virtually worthless I Spit On Your Grave 2 represents the lowest of the low. This is not a rumination on the nature of violation, nor is it a socio-political statement about the disparity between women and men. This is nothing. It is a gross and filthy compendium of rape sequences that exists solely to make the miserable collection of revenge/murder scenes feel... I have no idea. Enjoyable? Cathartic? Exciting?
Here's your checklist:
A. Pretty Model goes to a sleazy photographers' studio, refuses to disrobe, and leaves in a hurry.
B. Pretty Model is harassed and then brutally raped by the stupidest of the photographers.
C. Pretty Model is drugged, chained to a pole, stripped naked, raped again, pissed on, and beaten.
D. Pretty Model escapes her captors, finds a kindly social worker who soothes her with comments like "Don't worry, it's happened to me too. I can help you." And then the social worker returns Pretty Model to the rape den. How low can a movie go? Keep reading.
E. Chained in the basement again, and now realizing that she's actually in Bulgaria (don't mistake it for subtext, please), Pretty Model is zapped repeatedly with a cattle prod by a new scumbag. Of course he zaps her in the crotch over and over. Exactly who is this 4-minute scene made for? Ugh, don't answer that.
F. Pretty Model is beaten again, stripped again, thrown into a box, and buried alive. The filmmakers are always intent on capturing every tear, every whimper, and every pathetic moan that Pretty Model emits.
G. Pretty Model manages to dig out of her grave, naked and shrieking, finds some clothes, steals some food, catches the eye of a local priest, wanders around Bulgaria just hoping to run into her attackers, and then... about 75 minutes in, the big awesome payoffs. The revenge/murder scenes are so vicious and horrific that they somehow make up for the merciless abuse the girl has withstood? No clue. And it gets worse.
H. Rapist 1 is lured into a tunnel, tied up, sliced up, and left to rot. Rapist 2 is drowned in a toilet bowl that's overflowing with feces after Pretty Model somehow acquires superhuman strength and the soundtrack kicks in with Charlie's Angels-style action music. 
I. I give up. The filmmakers would probably love for me to mention the final kill, which is a lengthy sequence of a man's testicles being squashed in a vice. Because that's how they make their money. Not on a shocking, incendiary, intelligent film that contemplates the results of sexual abuse -- but a 90-minute swim through shock-value filth. And the saddest part is that leading lady Jemma Dallender is obviously a promising young actress; cinematographer Damian Bromley clearly has some talent... and for what? So we can watch a tiny woman suffer for 70 interminable minutes and then take revenge in the most childish and puerile fashion imaginable? 
The film contains all the artistry of a horny, angry, socially maladjusted 14-year-old boy who hates girls because they're mean to him, so he makes them suffer in fiction. I'm sure my depressed outrage will inspire some of you to rent this worthless piece of shit, because that's always how it works with low-minded pieces of artless shock value -- but take my advice and don't. I've seen gross, twisted, sick, and even depraved movies that still try to make a point.
This movie exists for people who want to watch men pretend to rape a woman. Let's all aspire be better than that.