FEARNET Movie Review - Street Team Massacre


I know, I know?you shouldn?t judge a book by its cover. But I have to admit, when I was handed the copy of Street Team Massacre to review, I judged. The blood soaked goof ball gross out came to me in a shell case, with a hand printed title, a hand written note from the director, and on a burnt CD. My expectations were low, which is exactly why in the end they were so thoroughly shattered by Street Team Massacre.

This (very) independent movie had me squirming, laughing, and always interested. It played like a Troma movie made by people who loved, more than anything, watching Troma movies (Lloyd Kaufman himself even had a cameo role). The film follows two rival juice companies, our heroes belong to a natural, eco-friendly juice company, and their rivals run the whole macho energy drink scene. The story sort of meanders hither and thither, but always kept me laughing.

Basically, the eco-juicers have one last chance to get it right before they close down, and they set up shop at a poorly attended backwoods music festival. A traitor in their midst worked with the jock juicers to switch their bev for something dangerous, experimental, and frightfully old. The result turns anyone who drinks it into a Uni-Browed maniac, and the madness ensues from there.

The gore is pretty intense for how homebrewed this movie is. The blood is rich and bountiful, and sprays all over the place. People get their necks chomped into, pens shoved in their eyes, and their brains blown out. The blood covered sausages are real enough to me to pass as the guts that make up our bodies. My only real complaint about the gore is that other than an intro scene in the beginning, it takes about 40 minutes or so to get to it. Luckily, the joking and wit of this film sustains throughout.

The true allure of this film is the clever take on the independent horror movie. To me, this is as much a spoof of low budget horror movies as it is a low budget horror movie. The plot is thin, but the characters reference the thinness of the plot, and everyone plays their role as an over the top dramatization of who their character should be. This is the kind of clever, self referential humor that keeps me interested in a movie.

If you?re a Troma fan, but find their homophobia and fart jokes just a bit too much, then check out Street Team Massacre. This film was very clearly made by people who loved what they were doing, and the exuberant spirit of that mentality bursts onto the screen. STM is exciting to watch, and I really do hope it finds its right audience. They?ve got the girls, they?ve got the guts, and they?ve got something a lot of homemade horror flicks don?t have?an intelligent sense of humor.

For more info on Street Team Massacre, check out their Myspace