A Few Favorite Books Read in 2012



Teeth: Vampire Tales, Edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling

While Teeth is a Vampire/Monsters-with-sharp-teeth YA anthology, the stories are also written to appeal to adults. There's a lot of diversity in the pages of Teeth, stories that are complete in themselves but could also be expanded to larger works. 

I enjoyed it a great deal, and if you haven't read it already, it's definitely worth checking out. You can check out more of Ms. Datlow's projects at

Machine, by Jennifer Pelland

This is a beautifully designed and written book that takes complex issues of the day and wraps them seamlessly in a dark, futuristic story about a woman that needs to replace her human body with a machine replica. 

She encounters numerous problems and spirals out of control from this one action. An interesting read sure to spark conversation. Check it out at

The Hunger Games Trilogy, by Suzanne Collins

I was a bit wary of these books at first, but after picking up The Hunger Games for a book club, I was hooked. The first book in the series is my favorite, but each one is a good read. 

Given the popularity of the trilogy, not much needs to be said that hasn't been said already. And who isn't looking forward to the next movie adaptation, Catching Fire?

Earthworm Gods II: Deluge, by Brian Keene

I actually started reading this a while ago as it was posted for free online at Brian Keene's website (, and finished it either last year or early this year when the last installment was posted. It's no longer available online, but the hardcover was released this year. 

It's a fun read – the world covered in water, white mold that turns people into liquid (soft), and creatures out of the worst of nightmares. If you missed it online, you can check it out in hardcover now from Thunderstorm Books or in paperback and eBook sometime in 2013.


Nancy O. Greene started writing at the age of nine. Her short story collection, Portraits in the Dark, received a brief mention in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2007. Other works have appeared or will appear in ChiZine; Lovecraft eZine; Cemetery Dance; Tales of Blood and Roses; Haunted: 11 Tales of Ghostly Horror; Shroud Publishing's The Terror at Miskatonic Falls; Dark Recesses; Flames Rising; Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore!; and others. She has a BA in Cinema (Critical Studies) and a minor in English (Creative Writing) from the University of Southern California, and is a Film Independent: Project Involve Fellow.